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Let's make 2021, XinChou Ox year your best year with our 2021 FengShui Essentials.

Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui calculator with Feng Shui arrangements


South East South South West
6 7
Put a glass of water.
2 3
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day Put a glass of water.
4 5
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
6 and 7 both belong to metal element. This is called "Cross Sword Killing" which indicates disputes, quarrels, and lawsuits. Put water to weaken metal. 2 (earth) 3 (wood) in conflict. This is called "Fighting Bull Killing " which indicates disputes, quarrels, lawsuits, and abdominal disease. Put metl to control wood and weaken earth. 4 (wood) 5 (earth). Wood and earth in conflict and not favor stomach and intestines.
East West
5 6
Put a glass of water.
7 8
Put a glass of water.
9 1
Put a plant. Large round leaf if possible.
5 (earth) 6 (metal) 5 sickness star is weaken by producing metal. 7 (metal) 8 (earth). Earth produces metal strong. Can use water to capture wealth. 9 (fire) 1 (water). Fire and water conflict. Indicates eyes, heart, blood, small intestines, ear kidney, bladder (urinary) illness. Water here indicates loss of money.
North East North North West
1 2
Put 1-2 pink packets.
3 4
Put 1-2 pink packets.
8 9
1 (water) 2 (earth). Indicates stomach and intestines illness. Put pink packets to weaken water and water in turn weaken earth. 3 (wood) 4 (wood). Favor academic excellence but also favor gossip. 9 (fire) enhance 8 (earth) wealth star. Enhance wealth.

a pink pillow or anything that is pink or red in color.

8 white pebbles.

a glass of water.

a bunch of six metal keys or a mechanical music box.

a brown card.

a plant.

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