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Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui calculator with Feng Shui arrangements


South East South South West
3 6
Put a glass of water.
8 2
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
1 4
6 (metal, father, head), 3 (wood, eldest son) indicates feet injury to eldest son and headaches or migraines. 2 and 8 both earth, Earth strong. Indicates wealth and stomach illness. 4 (wood, academic) , 1 (water) in harmony. Indicate romance and excellence in studies.
East West
2 5
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day Put a glass of water.
4 7
Put a glass of water.
6 9
Put a brown card.
Both earth elements. Indicate illness, misfortune, and death. Possible sign of widowhood. 2 represents mother. 2 related to stomach indicates intestinal illness. Put metal to resolve. 7 (metal) conflict with 4 (wood). Indicates thigh and liver illness. Daughters disharmony. 9 (fire) conflict with 6 (metal) which represent head, bones, large intestines, lung more. Dispute between father and rebellious son. Put brown card to resolve.
North East North North West
7 1
9 3
5 8
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
1 (water) 7 (metal). Metal produces water strong. Favor romance. 3 (wood) in harmony with 9 (fire). Indicates celebration. 8 and 5 both earth. Indicates wealth. Indicates hands, fingers, back, nose, stomach illness. Injury to young man (8)

a pink pillow or anything that is pink or red in color.

8 white pebbles.

a glass of water.

a bunch of six metal keys or a mechanical music box.

a brown card.

a plant. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
Feng Shui
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