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Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart - foretelling the gender of baby during pregnancy.

The prediction chart

The chart system used here to predict the sex of a baby in pregnancy was invented in Qing dynasty, and has a history of more tha 300 years. It was derived from Yin Yang binary opposites, 5 elements and the 8 trigrams, so its predication was said to be highly accurate. Yet, during this ancient period, it was kept as secret by eunuchs in the forbidden royal palace and was only shows to certain noble members and concubines.

By late Qing dynasty, the dynasty was in turmoil. The 8-nation alliance entered China as a united military force. They conquered the state capital and they raped, killed and kidnapped many people. The prediction chart was robbed together with many precious items. It was taken abroad and presented to the royal families. The royal families kept the table to themselve and used it accordingly until it was disclosed later. Then, it was brought to Austria and owned by a professor.

In general, 52% of the total number are baby girls, and the younger the woman gets pregnant, the higher the chance she'll give birth to a baby boy.

As sexism was very common in ancient China, it was not suprise that most woman got married at the age of 17.

Thus, if you are interested, you can plan your life accordingly for the highest probability of conceiving a baby boy or girl as you wish.

Mother's Date Of Birth :

Mother's year of conception (lunar year) :
Use season Chinese calendar as a year start from "Li Chun" which normally fall on 4 Feb and ends 3 Feb the following year.

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Month of conception (lunar month) Boy or Girl
11:05pm 03/02/2021 -- 05:01pm 05/03/2021   2021 一月 Girl
05:02pm 05/03/2021 -- 09:58pm 04/04/2021   2021 二月 Boy
09:59pm 04/04/2021 -- 03:24pm 05/05/2021   2021 三月 Girl
03:25pm 05/05/2021 -- 07:40pm 05/06/2021   2021 四月 Boy
07:41pm 05/06/2021 -- 05:58am 07/07/2021   2021 五月 Boy
05:59am 07/07/2021 -- 03:48pm 07/08/2021   2021 六月 Boy
03:49pm 07/08/2021 -- 06:33pm 07/09/2021   2021 七月 Girl
06:34pm 07/09/2021 -- 10:03am 08/10/2021   2021 八月 Girl
10:04am 08/10/2021 -- 01:09pm 07/11/2021   2021 九月 Girl
01:10pm 07/11/2021 -- 05:55am 07/12/2021   2021 十月 Girl
05:56am 07/12/2021 -- 05:07pm 05/01/2022   2021 十一月 Girl
05:08pm 05/01/2022 -- 04:56am 04/02/2022   2021 十二月 Girl - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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