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羊刃 “YangRen” The Misconcept *

Sunday, 10 July 2016
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羊刃 “YangRen” or some called it Yang Blade or Goat Blade star and this is one of the most common misconception.

阳刃 “YangRen”, Yang is the Yang in YinYang and “Ren” is a simplified symbol and not the edge. This 阳刃 “YangRen”, is also called 羊刃 “YangRen”, the 羊 “Yang” here is Sheep/Goat, is one of the most misunderstood, when it started was after the ancient peoples put Ten Gods “劫财” simplified as “劫”, then further remove “去” from “劫” thus became simplified as “刃”. This “刃” put into the five Yang Stems, it became 阳刃 “YangRen”, and because traditional 阳 was written as 陽 and 陽 was not easy to remember thus it also being called as 羊刃 “YangRen”.

Thereupon, there were many saying among the many BaZi books and people were puzzled with what they heard. Among the most absurd was to refer 刃 as the edge of a sword. Even in the 三命通会 “SanMingTongHui” an ancient BaZi book, it mentioned ~ 刃者, 刀刃之刃, 即禄前一位, 言旺其越分, 故险~ which basically said that 刃 was the edge of a sword and it was dangerous. Again making use of the subject to put over their own’s ideas, whenever 阳刃 “YangRen”, will have big eyes, thick hair, firm, ambitious and proud, without feeling compassion, unkind, have the unconcern feeling, not good towards father and wife and etc …. Explaning in such a way, were biased and arbitrary, being passed around many years, have mislead, deceived and fooled a lot of people.

Can we explained why ancient peoples were so afraid of 阳刃 “YangRen”?

甲 take 乙 as 刃,甲 take 己 as 财, and 甲 combine with 己, 乙 will suppress 己;
丙 take 丁 as 刃,丙 take 辛 as 财, and 丙 combine with 辛, 丁 will suppress 辛;
戊 take 己 as 刃,戊 take 癸 as 财, and 戊 combine with 癸, 己 will suppress 癸;
庚 take 辛 as 刃, 庚 take 乙 as 财, and 庚 combine with 乙, 辛 will suppress 乙;
壬 take 癸 as 刃, 壬 take 丁 as 财, and 壬 combine with 丁, 癸 will suppress 丁;

财 is wealth (strong daymaster), also wife and father, “劫财” simplified as “劫” suppress 财, thus 三命通会 “SanMingTongHui” refer 刃 (劫) as danger like the edge of the sword. But the rolls only talked about 阳刃 “YangRen”, Yin daymaster also have 刃 (劫), this was another mislead.

Whether 刃 (劫) is good or bad, cannot just based on one word, with it produces and suppresses alone, to make an absurd conclusion. We need to see the whole chart to observe and make a judgement, first decide strong or weak, and then decide the favorability, only then we can decide whether if 刃 (劫) is good or bad. If for weak or 专 Zhuan daymaster, 刃 (劫) is the favorable Ten God, where is the inauspiciousness?

Therefore, by itself the name 阳刃 “YangRen”, there is no auspicious or inauspicious, there is no kind or unkind, it only means that 劫 sit at month branch. It is just merely a name.

In a broader sense, 阳刃 “YangRen” structure, need to see 劫 at month branch, regardless of Yang or Yin daymaster and in a stricter sense, daymaster must be Yang 甲丙戊庚壬.

Within the 10 stem, daymaster 甲乙丙丁庚辛壬癸, each with 甲 in 卯 month, 乙 in 寅 month, 丙 in 午 month, 丁 in 巳 month, 庚 in 酉 month, 辛 in 申 month, 壬 in 子 month, and 癸 in 亥 month, and for 戊 in 午 month and for 己 in 巳 month then they qualify as 阳刃 “YangRen” structure.

Now take a look at a good YangRen BaZi.

He is Shinz Abe the current Prime Minister of Japan. In 2006 Abe was elected prime minister and resigned in September, 2007. He was re-elected to the position in 2012. He is a 阳刃 “YangRen”.

* This was extracted from one of my educational modules.

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