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Xi Jinping 习近平, General Secretary, Communist Party, China
And his true BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018
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Xi Jinping is currently serving as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the People's Republic of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. The leader of the world's most populated country and second largest economy (GDP), Xi Jinping holds a firm grasp on China's only political party.

Xi managed to consolidate power at a rapid pace during his first term as China’s president. The success of his anti-corruption campaign continued, with more than one million corrupt officials being punished by late 2017; the campaign also served to remove many of Xi’s political rivals, further bolstering his efforts to eliminate dissent and strengthen his grip on power. In October 2016 the CCP bestowed upon him the title of “core leader,” which previously had been given only to influential party figures Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Jiang Zemin; the title immediately raised his stature. A year later the NPC also passed other amendments to the constitution, including one that abolished term limits for the country’s president and vice president; this change would allow Xi to remain in office beyond 2023, when he would have been due to step down. The NPC also unanimously elected Xi to a second term as president of the country in March.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Xi Jinping was born on 15 June 1953.

Is this his true date of birth? Let’s have a closer look.
We analyzed all 13 hour pillars and here are three of them.


Ding 丁 fire born in Wu 午 fire month, people call this 建禄 structure. There are still a few of my fresh students believed this is a strong day master but instead this is a weak self. Without wood and water is hidden, this is not a strongman’s bazi chat. Even in his 1986 TaYun with strong wood he would not have joined politic.


After we changed to Dragon 辰 Chen hour this become a strong day master. But with wood revealed and rooted, this chart is not for a man of his power.


Now try Tiger 寅 Yin hour. Water his authority star revealed but no root, this is also not a strong leader’s BaZi chart.

Now, we can confidently conclude that this BaZi does not belong to Mr. Xi Jinping.

What is his true date and time of birth?
I only share this information with my students. Please login as student and send me a message through your Student Section. With his true BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny, you can then closely match with his life history. With what you have learned, you should be able to match his life history, TaYun by TaYun and year by year.

He has a superior BaZi Four Pillars chart.

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