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Why with a little knowledge of feng shui is a dangerous thing? What to look out for?

Sunday, 17 December 2006
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Anyone who takes on a title and then with their limited or wrong knowledge provides "ill advised information".

Back in the 1980's the trend was to pick up a dozen Feng Shui books: 1001 tips on Feng Shui and many happily go about on this "new hobby" of theirs;

Back in th 1990's the big "sharks" emerged as they found that they can make supernova profits out of objects which they called them  "In the mighty name of Feng Shui...."

This trend continues until today. All the while instead of fixing the leaks; many stock up their sinking ship with lots of useless objects in the name of Feng Shui.

All along, there are very very few master practioners was trying to "teach" many of such things and people the real meaning of feng shui.

Many are trying in their own term practising Feng Shui and purchased many useless objects. Some even do it without thinking or aware of all the bad if not worst consequences. Some don't really care; "Just do it and often it becomes an over-kill. Some even wasted some of their golden years of opportunities because  they use all the wrong feng shui ornaments and dragged down they supposed auspicious luck.

From 2010 I see some changes in the people. They started to realise that: Hey! What the hack. I think Feng Shui is not just about buying, buying and buying to "decorate" the home. The seller is really become some really "Fat CAT" isn't it. But I am much poorly.  But, hey! I know now that Feng Shui have dire indications like: the dreated FIVE YELLOW and THREE KILLING.

I really wish and hope that more and more people aware of what fengshui is all about.Fengshui is inexpensive - just glass of water do magic if you know what to do with it but it also can cause havoc if you do not have the knowledge. Look at all the malls in HongKong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur ... second to food; nearly everyone else starts to sell what they so call feng shui items and have no shame in tauting their so called "magic in the name of Feng Shui products!"

I hope is not too late and feng shui ends up as one of the "NEW" mental illness creator: feng shui is scary and cause obsessive–compulsive disorder!

Therefore, I always to deal with this problem, to fix the leak or poor advice from "bogus or know nothing Feng Shui "masters".

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