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Why my money won't stay? It is something to do with my BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny?

Saturday, 15 August 2009
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"I cannot save money please help me? I am not sure if I know much about money. I earn quite a lot but somehow I d o not know how to manage it. For others, my income is sufficient to support more than one people but I can't even able to sustain myself. What is my problem? There is simply not enough money to spend. How can I even think of saving? It seems to me that whenever I make money, my money just disappeared, the more money I make the faster it goes."

Are you in the same situation?

You BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny might have some answers for you. There are many scenario and I have listed a few here.

1. Your BaZi Four Pillars do not have your wealth stars. You are making money because your current "10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun") has your wealth stars. And these wealth stars are weak and exhausted.

2. Your Bazi has wealth stars but being combined, transformed and taken away in your BaZi itself.

3. Your Bazi has wealth stars but being combined, transformed and taken away in your current "Ta Yun".

4. Your Bazi has wealth stars but being suppressed and are injured in your current "Ta Yun".

5. Your are currently in your money losing "Ta Yun".

The above are only a few. There are many others and some of them are very unique in term of their inter-relationship among its stars.

Now let me pick an example. She was born on 21 October 1949.

feng shui Bazi - money come money go money won't stay
Chart 1. Her BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny with her wealth star taken away.

About her chart.

1. She is a weak daymaster. Some might think that she is a fake extreme weak 假從格 but she is not. Therefore, "Rob wealth" Jie-cai 劫财 and "Friends" Bi-jian 比肩 are her wealth stars.

2. Her BaZi is unique because her wealth star is combined and manage to transformed into another star. Just from this point alone, we can said that her money is like "now you seee it, now you don't" kind of type. But we still have to see her "Ta Yun".

3. If her wealth star combined but fail to transform, she will have better money luck.

feng shui Bazi - money come money go money won't stay
Chart 2. Her Ta Yun is not helping much in her money making process.

feng shui Bazi - money come money go money won't stay
Chart 3. In 1975, she started her own business.

About her "Ta Yun".

1. Her first Ta Yun started from 1955 shows that her father is rich.

2. Her second Ta Yun shows that her wealth is weak. She migarted to US and stay with her parents.

3. Her third Ta Yun, She got her wealth star from combination but the strength is not strong as the combination was not able to transformed.

4. In 1975, She started her own business. Her business was making money but her operation cost was even higher.

5. During her fouth Ta Yun, her business was picking up, but she still did not manage to make any saving.

6. During her fifth Ta Yun, when her wealth star was further suppressed, she ended her business.

7. The following Ta Yun are all good Ta Yun but not her money making Ta Yun.

As you can see, how much or how little we earn is all mapped out for us. Our time table show us when we will be rich, when we are going to be poor, or in between for our entire life.

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