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When to introduce Metal? Flying star school of Feng Shui - Annual antidotes.

Friday, 17 June 2011
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According to the nature of flying stars, their good and bad effects will have a time frame which can last a month, a year and as long as 20 years. It is extremely useful when attempting to diagnose both the good and the bad luck months of each year. In order to confirm the good or bad, you have to know how to interpret the combination of stars. The relationship of flying stars are an important consideration as it has different influences on each palaces of the original birth chart of your house. Another useful method in applying flying stars in feng shui is to use the birth chart together with the annual and monthly stars of all the different sectors of your home. Annual stars and monthly stars can affect both the Mountains and Water stars. The Mountain star governs the health and family harmony while the Water star governs wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui flying star 2 and star 5

These two powerful stars in fengshui; star 2 and star 5. Both stars belong to Earth element based on later Heaven Arrangements. Based on flying stars theory, these two hostile stars is said to spell illness and misfortune for anyone occupying the afflicted area. Occupants of the particular area will experience fatal injury and illness. If disturbed and activated, there is danger of calamity and accidents. The best remedy is to introduce Metal element. You can put a bunch of old keys, a string of six metallic coins or put a six-rod wind chime to combat the ill effects.

Take an example, for period 8 houses facing North 337.6° – 352.5°. In 2012 the annual flying star 5 flew into South East sector. The birth chart, South East is having Mountain star 2 and water star 5. For these houses remedies is a must in 2012.

Feng Shui flying star 5 and star 9

Star 9 belong to Fire and with this combination star 5 is being nourished and its ill effect is being magnified. If activated. Star 5 will being massive problems and misfortunes. Such combination can cause chronic health complication to the residents of the house. The manifestation of bad luck ranges from illness to serious accidents. Pregnant women or couples who wish to conceive, please move away from this sector. Introducing Metal will reduce the effects of sickness as Fire produces Earth and earth give birth to Metal.

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