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What is the real Money Toad. Commercial items or real Feng Shui stuff? Who will be richer?

Thursday, 20 November 2008
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These ugly little money toads are based upon a simple folklore story about a greedy Buddhist monk who was drowned in a pond when he tried to save his money sack. On the same night, When the full moon rose into the evening sky, he transformed into this ugly toad and climbed on out with his money sack in his mouth!!!! This is in fact a moralistic fable tale and has nothing to do with FengShui principles.

I had rather believe this item as a reminder or warning to us against getting caught up in the money illusion, and being greedy. NOT even as a prosperity symbol !!!!

What is money toad? Toad is a Toad (癞蛤蟆) and nothing more. Toads itself is poisonous. Do not know since when it becomes a fengshui item. I can hardly think of any usage for this toad. Maybe using it as paper weight. But it is so ugly and in chinese "Lai Ha Mo" 癞蛤蟆 has a saying. "Lai Ha Mo Xiang Xi Tian E Ro" 癩蛤蟆想吃天鵝肉 this grreedy thing wants to eat fairy swan meat. In short it only means one thing. GREEDY. So I still hate his look and dislike what it means.

If it was made of brass, maybe I can use it to cure the yearly "5 Yellow" by knocking it a few time a day. But given a chooice I will rather get a bunch of old keys.

The real problem with this sort of thing is that there will always be those out there that are quite happy in the knowledge that they are taking advantage of the unaware, through the action of selling Religious, Spiritual, Folklore and Superstitious type items as Feng Shui objects! Next time you see them, do not bother buying it.

I have been asked many times over the years, on how to place this item. There are also no consistent answers for placement of such items. Some said it should face it out of the home, and some said the opposite. Some even suggest facing out during the daytime and turn it facing in after sunset!!! Who is correct, and why does it work for some people and not working for others. Why?

The answer is "the power of belief". The power of belief is an amazingly powerful thing. If you think it brings money, then you feel more positive, better attitude in chasing your dream, more smiles on your face then the money come. But now the question is "Would you rather get something that is more pleasant in appearance".

Unfortunately there are a lot of these sort of items available, including Chinese Gods, Lucky Turtle, Gold Ingots, etc... and all are being sold as Feng Shui accessories, which they are not.

"FengShui is all about placement and arrangement principles and Feng Shui in itself has no items to sell".

FengShui is based upon time, location, surroundings, exteriorscapes and the individuals within the place that concerned, cures are based upon the 5 elements and their transformations, yin & yang, and numerous fengshui placement principles. Making your place alchemically, or energetically.

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