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Wealth - North facing 337.5-22.5 deg (2015 luck rating 6 of 6).

Friday, 2 January 2015
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For houses facing North 337.5°-22.5°, you are looking forward to a plenty of wealth opportunities in 2015.
Bazi fengshui

Casting aside many luck fluctuation in the previous years, a union of auspicious stars in the North make it the best direction in year 2015. Therefore, if your home is North orientated you are in luck. Under the positive influences of the Eight White 八白,Pian Cai 偏财, DaLi大利,JiLi吉利, Zheng TaoHua,Pian TaoHua 正偏桃花,and Zheng GuiRen, Pian GuiRen 正偏贵人, you may look forward to plenty of wealth opportunities. At the same time, it also has double romance stars which indicate flourishing romance luck and it also favors interpersonal relationship.

The prosperous Eight White 八白 and favorable flying stars combination indicated excellent wealth luck especially those in servicing, sales and marketing sectors. With this in mind you will still need essential to work hard and persevere in order to materialize this good fortune. Stronger windfall luck with Pian Cai 偏财 also indicates unexpected monetary rewards. As such you may consider a small investment in lottery. In order for this manifest into reality, always keep in mind that you need to make some good deeds, do a bit for the society and donate to the less-privileged.

With the presence of Zheng GuiRen, Pian GuiRen 正偏贵人there are better chances to meet more helpful peoples or mentors which shall bring more opportunities.

Residing in the North Zheng TaoHua,Pian TaoHua 正偏桃花 indicates potential in love and interpersonal relationship. While many with general understanding that “Tao Hua” 桃花 is always about romance and many may not aware that they also promote harmony, friendship and networking. Be it singles or married individuals, this can be a fulfilling year if you manage your role well. Married couples may consider expanding your network (especially for those in sales and marketing) while singles are encouraged to be involved in new activities and meet new friends.

Despite the favorable luck cycle, do remember that is no substitute for hard work and good attitude. Learn to stay connected and avoid being consumed by greed. Otherwise, you may lose more than you gain.

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