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Various approaches to feng shui cures - Part 1.

Sunday, 5 August 2007


Various approaches to feng shui cures (1)

In Flying Star Feng Shui practice, we can take the following approach:

1. Harmonise or balance out a conflict
2. Avoid untimely star
3. Make use of your existing features and environment

It is very important to avoid the untimely stars like 2,5, and 3. It is bad if we open our doors in these areas, having our master bedrooms at these places, put the kitchen or stove at these locations, which will bring problems to the occupants.

1. Three combination method - (1, 4, 7) (2, 5, 8) (3, 6, 9)


Sitting, Center and Facing show a 2,5,8 formation. Although this is an up mountain and down water house, it is still usable during the period 8 given the condition that there is mountain in front and water behind, reverse riding the dragon. Preferably door should lie in the SW sector.

1.2. "Fighting bull sha 斗牛煞"

East sector 2,3 "Fighting bull sha 斗牛煞". If your main door is here it wil create human disharmony to the occupants. Avoid placing objects like TVs, fans, air-conditioners and etc here. Put a bunch of old metal keys here.

The facing, center, sitting constitues a 1,4,7 category which are suitable for bright colours and activities.
Preferably the main door should be located at the North East sector and another rear door opening in the South West to allow free flow of Qi to activate the 1,4,7 combinations for prosperity and harmony. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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