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The important of Useful Ten Gods 喜用神.
Died in his best TaYun!

Monday, 17 September 2018


Madam Kwan has been studying BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny since 2013. She is very familiar with strong, weak, zhuan, cong, favorable and favorable Ten Gods but she still cannot figure out why his husband died in his best TaYun.

Her husband was born on 7 Feb 1948.

Water day master rooted at 子 rat with metal at 酉 You and 戌 Xu.


Her first doubt.

Her husband was diagnosed with nose cancer in 2001. 2001 辛巳 XinSi year when metal was strong. Metal was his useful Ten Gods and metal was having strong support from earth.

Her second doubt.

Her husband died in 2014 in his 2007 庚申 GengShen TaYun when metal his useful Ten Gods was very strong. She did not understand why her husband passed in his best TaYun.

She needs your help to find the answers to her doubts. Are you able to help her?

Now look carefully and look closer. If you still cannot figure out the answers, you can leave me a message in your "Student Section".

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