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Understand your children using their BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny

Thursday, 9 July 2009
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Almost all couples especially the more educated ones would plan to start a family after marriage. They reckon that the quality of bringing up one or two children is more important than having too many children as they cannot afford to spend quality time with them. So they decided to have one or two children in common with most parents. They sacrifices a lot of their time and much of their financial being channeled towards their children's education and welfare. The joy in watching their child growing up can be a great joy. However during this stage of the child such joy is often accompanied by numerous problems often result in parent sporadic quarrels, arguments and even lead to separation.

Your son or daughter may be lazy, cannot concentrate on their studies, naughty, restless, mixing with the wrong peers, rebellious, headstrong, stubborn or uncommunicative. Other issues such as, not paying attention in class, not taking his studies seriously or weakness in certain subjects are not to favorable ones. Since all the parents have spend a lot of time, efforts and money in their children's welfare obviously they would have high expectations on their children's future in education and career.

Therefore, it is wise and beneficial for all parents to understand their child's behavior and to improve their relationship with their children, thus forging a harmonious family before forcing their child to perform. Without knowing the reasons and with the wrong timing, this force might backfire and hurt everyone.

They can also understand the child luck cycle, personality, potential and talent. By understanding their child's personality and potential they can use their good judgments to guide and nurture him to be more prepared for his future endeavors.

BaZi can reveal the child's, personality, potential and their talents. It also discloses his luck cycle that is also very important because timing is also a factor in the making of a success of your child in life. The true destiny is in the position to offer you both in revealing your child's destiny and his luck cycle. With their BaZi, you can understand them better and be better perpared to develop his personality, potentials and talents for his future endeavors.

With a comprehensive BaZi or your child destiny map can assist all parents to be more understanding and fulfilled their duties and responsibilities for upbringing and shaping their children's future.

Now look at an example. She was born 2006 Jan 22.

 Bazi - Understanding Children education
Chart 1. Her BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny chart.

About her chart.

1. She is a strong daymaster.

2. She has four Indirect Resource Pian-yin 偏印. Further more all all four stars are indirect stars.

3. She is very stubborn, headstrong and will not listen to anyone.

 Bazi - Understanding Children education
Chart 2. Her early education luck.

1. In 2009, Indirect Resource Pian-yin 偏印. All SIX stars are indirect stars. This year was really a very tough time for her parents. She was uncontrollable and very stubborn. This year, at kindergarten, something provoked her (until today, her parents still not sure what was the reason), she started shouting, screaming, jumping, kicking uncontrollable. Her parents were called in and they also have difficult times calming her down. Can you imagine this happened to a small girl at that age?

2. She will calm down in the next 10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun"). Her education stars are still hidden so in order for her to succeed in education, her parents really need to work hard on it. Not much help from heaven luck, so now they have to work on their human luck.

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