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The term Feng Shui cures should just be called as Hua Sha.
“Jei Xiong Hua Sha” 解凶化煞 “Cui Ji Bi Xiong” 催吉避凶

Friday, 15 May 2015


In our modern era, the term “Feng Shui cure” is heard so often and it refers to the popular use of objects to “Hua Sha”化煞 as in the use of the Five Emperors coins to “Hua Sha” the yearly Tai Sui (Grand Duke) or the Five Yellow in Flying Star. But to translate “Hua Sha” as “Feng Shui Cures” is misleading, it changes the whole meaning of the original Chinese term.

“Hua Sha” in our Feng Shui saying, “Jei Xiong Hua Sha” 解凶化煞 which literally means to become aware, explainable and become understand (Jie 解) what is harmful or undesirables (Xiong 凶) and then find a way to transform or to change or to dissolve (Hua 化) what is, or what is felt to be, negative and undesirable (Sha 煞). Therefore the more meaningful is to call it as Feng Shui “Hua Sha” 化煞 instead of Feng Shui cures.

The word “Sha 煞” above is not “killing or to kill” like most people would, because in Feng Shui if the term is used to mean “to kill”, then the character “Sha 殺” (kill) would have been used and not “Sha 煞”(stop). In Chinese when will stop our car we called as “Sha Che 煞车” and not “殺车” as we did not kill the car. Therefore in Feng Shui we transform or harness the energy Qi to become beneficial and instead of killing the bad and inauspicious Qi we transform the Qi to our own beneficial.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the term “Sha 煞” is used to contrast with the term “Sheng 生” as in “Sheng Qi 生氣” and “Sha Qi 煞氣”. Sheng Qi is the vibrant Qi that encourages the potential for life and for growth, while Sha Qi is Qi that hinders and stops the potential for life and for growth.

The character to kill “殺” and the character to stop the potential of killing “煞” are written differently and they have a subtle differences. In Feng Shui we used the term “Xing Sha” 形煞 when the Sha has a form and is visible and the term “ “Qi Sha” 氣煞 when the Sha has no form and is not visible.

To understand the true meaning of “Feng Shui Cures” and how to use them properly, one should refer to the act of “Jie Xiong Hua Sha解凶化煞”; that is one should first be aware and understand what caused the harmfulness or give rise to the potential killing in the first place; is it physical, psychological or conceptual? ;

Very often in Feng Shui the cause is conceptual, in the sense that we used correlative thinking and connect a number or symbol with a concept that is harmful or have a harmful potential. For example, in Flying Star Feng Shui, the number 5 is correlated to the colour yellow and to the element Earth and when it is out of time, we say it is a disaster “Star” that would cause trouble for us, but this is only a conceptual conclusion, it does not mean the 5 Yellow Earth is physically harmful and also the “Star” mentioned earlier do not refer to the physical stars in the sky but to the Gua Qi 卦氣 or the Qi of the Trigrams we used in the Feng Shui methods.

After “Jie Xiong 解凶” then we can “Hua Sha 化煞”, and we need to remember, a Sha can be physical, psychological or conceptual or a mixture of two or three of them, so to change it or to transform it, that is to turn the Sha Qi into Sheng Qi, we can also do it on a physical, a psychological or a conceptual level or a mixture of two or three of them, but unless we can understand the real cause of the harmfulness or the potential for harmfulness in the first place and to overcome it, the “Hau Sha” will always be incomplete and temporary.

Take an example, when a house is located at the end of a T-Junction, in Feng Shui it has “Chong Sha 冲煞” and the Sha Qi being rushing towards the house which is harmful and it is undesirable, that is it has Xiong 凶 and we need to overcomes it and turn this Sha into 吉 Ji or the auspicious or desirable; in another words, to turn Sha Qi into Sheng Qi. Of course the best solution would be to avoid it in the first place; that is not to have a house located at the end of a T-junction, but what if we cannot avoid this situation? Then the first thing is for us to understand why it is not desirable or it could be harmful, that is to “Jie Xiong” (understand the reasons why) before we can “Hua Sha” (make the changes).

When a house is located at the end of a T-junction, it is physically annoying to have cars rushing towards your house with lights shining at night now and then. It also has the potential for accidents to happen. Psychologically a house located at the end of a T-junction always has less privacy, as anyone who turns the corner will tend to look into the house, because it is more exposed. So this house has “形煞Xing Sha” (Sha of the Form) and “氣煞Qi Sha” (Sha of the Formless) at the same time.

To overcome this, we can do it in a physical way and build a brick wall of about 1.5 to 2 meters high in front of the house and physically and psychologically block the “Xing Sha” and the “Qi Sha” at the same time and that would be a best “Hua Sha” or Feng Shui Cure. If for some reasons this cannot be carried then we can do it in a psychological and/or conceptual way.

Psychologically we can cover it up with trees and shrub so we will not see the Form Sha nor worry about the formless Qi Sha, but to grow the trees and shrubs to a desired height and thickness will take time, so for the short duration we can use a “Hua Sha” from the conceptual level and hang a Bagua mirror in front of the house and use the Feng Shui mirror to “reflect” the Sha Qi and turn the Sha Qi into Sheng Qi conceptually. We can do this because in Feng Shui theories we correlated the Bagua diagram to symbolize changes and the mirror is able to “reflect” what is bad into good in a metaphorically way. The other way is to put up the Feng Shui Five Elements arrangement as shown below.

Ideally, a Hua Sha should work on all three physical, psychological and conceptual levels, so in the end the problem can be overcome physically, emotionally and spiritually at the same time. This is the true meaning of “Jie Xiong Hua Sha” 解凶化煞, otherwise we are open to abuse from by Feng Shui charlatans forever trying to sell us all sorts of “Hua Sha” or Feng Shui Cures at an exorbitant price without any long term benefits, except, over time, as a piece of Feng Shui decoration!

If we can understand the true meaning of “Hua Sha”, then instead of buying some expensive and curiously looking objects, we can use this understanding to transform the quality of our environment at the same time.

Always use 五形生克法Wuxing Sheng-Ke concept (Five Elements Generating and Controlling concept) in order to “Cui Ji Bi Xiong” 催吉避凶 or “hasten the auspicious and avoid the harmful”.

When you encounter killing "Sha" chi and you do not know where it comes from, you can arrange the 5 elements according to the cycle of birth in circle as illustrated below.

The Feng Shui Five Elements arrangement. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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