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The over-fengshui man.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009
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An “over fengshui man” is someone who will fine-tune every activity with fengshui and/or obsessed with fengshui. He or she always wanted to maximize his luck taking all the advantages from applying fengshui arrangement from a small minority event to any major activity. They are crazy about business or wealth enhancement. They think that fengshui is their direct ticket to solve all their worldly problems.

An average “fengshui person” simply tries to enhance some aspects that he or she think that they needed it. whereas an over-fengshui person try to get an upper-hand in every facet of life or in competitions for wealth.

There are people keep asking for new fengshui formations to enhance their wealth acquisitions. But they do not understand one thing, how much we earn are all pre-determined. By pushing for wealth, we are somehow doing some “overdraft" or "early withdrawal” from our safe or our "predestined wealth account". When our pre-defined wealth vault is exhausted, we will die early.

If you are a Buddhist believer than you will understand my view on predestined wealth. In our Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny, all are mapped out nicely for us. How much money we are going to get, when and how are all pre-written. In Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny we have weak and strong daymaster. Some just cannot handle big wealth when they are not ready. There are numerous stories about lottery winners’ life got worse or even got killed after hitting the jackpot.

When a successful business man having all the success in their business with application of fengshui, their appetite for fengshui tricks keeps growing and become “fengshui” junkies and they are hard to satisfy.

And remember not every fengshui method works and works for all. But some methods like FengShui arrangement, Bazi For Pillars of Destiny reading, date-selection methods are very likely to enhance your goal-directed activities. My advise is the main purpose of using fengshui is to avoid or keep bad things from happening to you. When come to wealth, wealth enhancements should be used sparingly or “unless you have to“. Only use fengshui to the maximum only for important occasions. For everyday life, just use your own natural Qi.

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