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The four big Ta Hua Peach Blossom. Her BaZi has all four but.

Friday, 2 September 2011
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When he or she has all her Ta Hua 桃花 Peach Blossom stars sitting at her year, month, day, and hour, they live up to the name of 满地桃花 which translated into “Ta Hua all over the places”.

子午卯酉 zi wu mao and you which are the four big Ta Hua stars. According to history, the Emperor Ch'ien-lung 乾隆帝 was born with all four Ta Hua. He has a long list spouses, concubines and unwritten list of lovers.

However, is this always the case? The answer is ‘NOT ALWAYS’. There has been cases, where he or she with all the Ta Hua stars sitting at his branches but he has not been dating not even once.

By looking at their BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny, there were very clear evidence that by just looking at their stars ie. 子午卯酉 zi wu mao and you is not very accurate and conclusive. The more important aspects like his spouse star condition, his spouse palace, what star is sitting at his spouse palace, his spouse star is healthy or badly hurt, his spouse star being combined and taken away in his BaZi chart or in his Ta Yun and so on. One more very important aspect is his Ta Yun. There is many more aspect to look at.

Now take a look at an true example. She was born in 1981.

feng shui Bazi profiling the four big Ta Hua
Chart 1. Her BaZi : She has the complete set of all the four big Ta Hua.

By just looking at her chart, one can say that she is full of Tao Hua luck or Peach Blossom. She must have many pursuers coming after her.

But according to her, she has never been dating. Getting to know the other half is really difficult for her. For her, instead of full set of Ta Hua luck she has no Peach Blossom.

Now it is very clear evidence that one cannot just based on Ta Hua stars to indicate that she has many relationship.

There are many reason which causing her relationship problems. From her chart,

1. her spouse star is cornered and seriously injured,

2. her spouse stars’ enemies are very strong and her spouse star does not have protection.

3. her spouse palace is not stable.

4. Whenever her spouse star Bing and Ding appear, both of her star combined and taken away. Her Ta Yun is also not very helpful.

She has the complete set of all the four big Ta Hua but in real life she has no Peach Blossom or relationship luck "谝地桃花卻無桃花".

During her trip to HongKong in 2010, she has her BaZi read at some road site stall. The Sifu told her that she has a lot of Tao Hua and have many boyfriends chasing after her. She was happy and smiled even though she knew very well that this is not true. There is always hope.

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