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The biography of a high class call girl and her BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny.Part 1. The origin.

Friday, 13 August 2010
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She has so many “friend” especially from the opposite gender.
She was able to make a lot of money.
She spend a lot of money buying nice branded things like clothes and watches.
She went for very expensive plastic surgery to improve her look.
She is very famous or sort of.
She has even being interviewed by a famous talk show host.

Have you ever wonder what kind of BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny that she is having?

What is the quality of a high-priced call girl? Is she having all the Tao Hua or “Peach blossom” 桃花旺 that she needs to order to make it a successful career for her? Is her BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny showing all these conditions?

Now take a look at her BaZi and Ta Yun

About her BaZi

Note: I am not showing her BaZi chart in order to protect her identity.

She is a strong day master. She has two "7 killings" Qi-sha 七杀 (杀) and one "Direct officer" Zheng-guan 正官 (官). She has "Indirect wealth" Pian-cai 偏财 (才) sitting of "Food god" Shi-shen 食神 (食) at her year pillar.

Bazi fengshui – high class call girl with strong tao hua
Chart 1. Her nine 10 years luck cycle (大运 Ta Yun)

About her Ta Yun.

Now take a look at her Ta Yun

1. She is able to make money due to her wealth star at her year pillar.

2. When money luck came, she made a lot of money but her spending was also very huge.

3. She like to buy expensive, branded things like clothes, watches and handbags.

4. She was a dropout from school as she did not have any education luck during her education period.

5. Her talent is not obvious and not many are aware of her talent. But she can count on her skill to make money.

6. Her Peach blossom or “Ta Hua” 桃花 are very strong during her second and third Ta Yun.

7. She has no problem getting to know the opposite gender.

8. But she were not be able to depend on the men around her.

9. She left home in the first year of her second Ta Yun that was in 1999.

10. She started her career at a very early age.

During her interview, she was very cheerful and presented herself very well. If you do not know her, you will definitely think she is just another famous actress or singer.

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