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The baby boy that has chosen his own fate and destiny. Look at his BaZi.

Saturday, 11 April 2009
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BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny chart is from Heaven and we cannot change. I believe that any date chosen by man for a Caesarean Section (C-section) is driven by heaven (although we may be under the illusion that man choose it).

Let take a good look at an example.

1. A Caesarean Section (C-section) was scheduled to take place in 10 Oct 2004. The selected time was from 11am to 12:59pm.

2. Early morning that day, the mom feel pain and pressure and was sent to hospital. Everything was ready and only waiting for the doctor. The scheduled time for delivery was now 7am.

If the baby was born at this hour within 7am-8:59am, the following chart will applied to him.

Bazi Caesarean Section
Bazi Caesarean Section
Chart 1. The BaZi with delivery time at 7am.

Now look at the chart.

a. The chart is "sucks".
b. In his BaZi chart, he only has one favorable star.
c. His two unfavorable stars are battling among themselves. His whole life is full of obstacles and illness.
d. All the first Five 10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun") are all in blue. It means bad. He has to wait until 61 (if only he survive).

3. However, on that day, there were a couple of more urgent cases that the doctor have to take care of them first. The baby has no choice but wait. And the baby boy choose to come out to this beautiful world at 11:28am! This time was within the initial chosen (C-section) time range.

Bazi Caesarean Section
Bazi Caesarean Section
Chart 2. The BaZi chart that the baby boy has chosen.

Now look at the chart.

a. Now the boy has 6 favorable stars instead on just one.
b. There is very minimum of clashes.
c. He has Five lucky "Ta Yun" starting from 2013.
d. He will be wealthy and enjoy his life.

So if this what we called destiny? The boy was destined to have good life ahead of him. So can we agreed that whether it's a c-section or natural birth, it is still driven by heaven. Looks like it's all determine by the heaven. You can use the chosen date, but the heaven may or may not allow it.

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