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“Tao Hua” girl who has no “Tao Hua”.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016
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The chances of 子,午,卯, and 酉being involved in any combinations, assemblies or formations are higher as compare to the rest. According to 長生十二宮, The 12 Growth and Birth phases, 沐浴 MuYu Bath is the “Tao Hua” and for wood it is at 子, fire at 卯, metal at 午 and water at 酉 are where 5 elements produce strong 生旺 and thus子午卯酉 being called the four major “Tao Hua”.

Using 長生十二宮 to decode life is to use ShenSha 神殺, simple and direct, see stars and decode for example see 子午卯酉 and conclude she has a lot of “Tao Hua” without considering the 5 elements 五行, Ten Gods 十神, 生克制化會合刑冲 (suppress, produce, control, transform, assembly, combine, punish, clash etc.). Using ShenSha 神殺 alone is not the correct way and the accuracy is low. However under the topic of “Tao Hua”, since using ShenSha 神殺 is simple and direct, it is always in trend even people aware that the accuracy is not high.

Now take an example. She was born on 23 March, 1981.

She has the complete set of 子,午,卯, and 酉. Thus, she must had many romances. She is intelligent, polite, honest, kind, and can be considered as attractive but until now she is still single and she never had a boyfriend. Now why is this so?

Now let use 5 elements 五行, Ten Gods 十神, 生克制化會合刑冲 to see if we can find the answers.

1. Her spouse palace 子午 clashed.

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Summing all the above, not only she will not have many “Tao Hua” but also she will remain single.

* This was extracted from my upcoming educational module - Marriage 姻緣.

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