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Stephen Chan Chi-wan, 陈志云 Ex-TVB General Manager. Part 3 His TaYun

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Wednesday, 20 May 2020
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Stephen Chan Chi-wan, born 1958, is the Chief Advisor of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and was the chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and the general manager of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB).

  Stephen Chan Chi-wan 陈志云 八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

1974 丙寅 TaYun

1974 丙寅 TaYun is obviously a very good TaYun for his education and career. This was a good TaYun for him.

1984 丁卯 TaYun

But 1984 丁卯 TaYun with strong unfavorable 官杀 fire together with strong hostile 戊未戌 earth, why he was still able to hold important official posts and went through a chain of promotions? Can you see when he quit his political life? By looking at his unfavorable, this should be a bad TaYun for him but he had a different story.

1994 戊辰 TaYun

1994 戊辰 TaYun with strong unfavorable 戊戌 earth on earth, he joined TVB HongKong and being promoted to General Manager. By looking at the strong earth, this should have been bad for him. Student login to read why this was not the case.

2004 己巳 TaYun

2004 己巳 TaYun when unfavorable 己巳 earth on earth, 2009 became his darkest moment. Why is this so different from 1994 戊辰 TaYun when earth was also strong? 2009 could break his chart but he was saved. What was the reason in term of BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny in 2009 that managed to save him? This will be answered in " Part 4 : His years". Stephen Chan Chi-wan were acquitted twice in his court case in 2011 and 2013.

The reason for the above is that you need to see his Ten Gods and elements in term of produce and suppress 生剋, etc. and not merely focus on the Ten Gods alone. Unfavorable can become good and favorable can become hostile.

Now, let's go through his TaYun and find out the answers in details.

1.1974 丙寅 TaYun...Students log in to read all the answers.
2.1984 丁卯 TaYun...Students log in to read all the answers.
3.1994 戊辰 TaYun...Students log in to read all the answers.
4.2004 己巳 TaYun...Students log in to read all the answers.
Students, please log in to read all the answers in details. His full BaZi chart is also included.
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Stay tuned for Part 4 : His years. In order to be accurate, you must use the rules of produce/suppress 生剋为用 and at the same time be aware of the nature of the elements.


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