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She happened to have 3 'Direct Officers' in her BaZi chart and She is recently divorced for the 3rd time.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008
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Concerning marriage and partner compatibility, it is important for a woman to examine the element controlling her Daymaster, the husband star, also called the "Direct Officer" 正官, while important for a man is the wife element, also telling for his Wealth prospects 正财. This does not mean that other considerations don’t matter as all elements mutually rely on one another. By looking at ones's BaZi structure, you will see suggestions as to when conditions for marriage are most favorable, or to find a spouse in another country, or when best to take time out of your busy agenda when Ba Zi tells you you are having your bad day.

One of the great things that Ba Zi and what it can do for you, it proposes your most probable life progression in ten year periods, called "Decade Luck" Da Yun 大運. From here of course you can trace back minor destiny – xiao yun 小運 and follow your life per year, month, day and hour (if you want to be this precised). For example, when you find out that you are in a period that suggests you should better go into politic, become a teacher, an artist, expect higher or lower your expectations for money, if you are likely to find your significant other, which helps tremendously in devoting your time to things that matter. One sure thing is that Ba Zi will save you time, energy and destiny regarding the most fundamental facets of your life.

Okay, now back to the topic regarding this lady. She is a mainland Chinese famous film actress and TV host. Since the early of 1990s, She shot fame for hosting CCTV New Year's Gala. The CCTV host gold medals out of hundreds of millions of viewers in the heart of a good impression! can be said that the CCTV image of the establishment since then, She the well-known gold show host, her career and life of each trip, all affects the community The high degree of attention!

NiPing Bazi - Day Master Weak Earth Four Pillars of Destiny
Figure 1. BaZi chart. Three "Direct Officer 官", one at the hour stem, the other two at Month and Year's branch respectively.

1. A weak day master, weak Earth likes "Direct Resource 印" and "Friend 比" for support and nourishments.
2. "Direct Officer 官" produces "Direct Resource 印 ", and therefore a very good BaZi.
3. Yin (Tiger) - Hai (Pig) combined and transformed to form "Direct Officer 官" - Wood and produces "Direct Resource 印" - Fire. She is very reputable and is very famous.
4. During the age or 17 to 27, She is having "Friend 比" and "Rob Weath 劫" luck, during these 20 years of Fire producs Earth, She become the most famous CCTV Host.
5. The following next twenty years, with "Direct Resource 印" and "Friend 比", her luck is still sustainable.
6. Her husband stars "Direct Officer 官", which can be found at Stem and Branches, total of three (one is created after combination), and all the "Direct Officer 官" happened not at the spouse palace (i.e day branch), she have a rough time with her significant others. She has being married and divorced three times.

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