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She does not have spouse star. Will she able to get married? Still Ta Yun and years.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009
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I was recently asked by a friend of mine. She is a bit worry about her daughter. She is now 30 and still single. Never had a boyfriend and seldom go out. She mentioned that her daughter's birth chart do not have spouse star i.e. Zheng-guan 正官 or Qi-sha 七杀.

I told her, not all of us have spouse star in our BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny chart. I myself do not have one. I was married some twenty years ago. We are still as loving as before. We have two kids, one boy and one girl.

Yes not all of us have spouse star 配偶星 "pei ou xing",

When the time come, and when the palace being disturbed these are the signal, the new owner has arrived. Whether you like it or not you cannot run away.

Theer are two stages here (at least it is true for almost all of us).

Stage 1. We meet our future spouse. Okay the question is without the spouse star in the chart, will I be able to meet him? If I can't meet him, then how can I talk about marriage? Yes, you are right, spouse star is missing from the chart, but how about the decade 10 years luck (大运 "ta yun")? It sure be there (hope it is not too late). Even your "大运 Ta Yun" do not have, you still have your years.

Again, you have to see whether it is real or fake (what we call fake blossom "Fake Ta Hua"). This means, you have to see if your spouse star is strong, or weak, whether the star is battling with his enemies, it is hurt or worst dead. There are many condition of your spouse stars. They can be combined and trsnsformed which means they are here today but disappear the next day.

By the way, what are my spouse stars?

For all ladies, Zheng-guan 正官 and Qi-sha 七杀 are your spouse stars.
For all gentlemen, Zheng-cai 正财 and Pian-cai 偏财 are your spouse stars.

Stage 2. Prepare to get marry. This is when your spouse palace showing sign that its owner is about to come. Which one is my spouse palace? The answer is your day branch as shown below.

Again the condition of the spouse palace is very important. If the palace are battling with its neghbours, the marriage will not be ideal. Worst if the spouse palace being attacked from both side and are severely injured. If this is the case, the marriage will be a disaster, or end up in divorce. Each year, I came across so many marriages end up in divorce because of this situation. There is different between who attack who. It can be the spouse palace is attacking its neigbours or vice-versa.

Spouse palace combine with its neigbouring palace is also bad.

The ideal case is that the Spouse palace is strong, no battling with its neigbours, no combination, no Branch 3-Penalties (地支三刑) “san xing” - self-punishment , no Branch Self-penalties (自刑) “zi xing” – self-punishment , without any Branch Six Harms (地支六害) “hai” – harms and so on. How can this be perfect? No way right. That is why almost all marriage have their own problems. Only diffirent is the degree of the seriousness.

Okay now, let me pick an example. She was born on the 5 Feb 1962.

Spouse Palace
Chart 1. A lady with no Spouse star and with Shang-guan 伤官 sitting at Spouse palace but She manage to find a very good and loving husband.

She do not have spouse star. One hidden at year branch but being combined and transformed.

In 1990, She met her husband. In early 1995, they are married and She gave birth to a baby boy in the same year. Chart 2 showing the year 1995.
Marry and Spouse Palace
Chart 2. She was married in 1995. Later in that same year She gave birth to a baby boy.

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