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Same BaZi birth chart but different destiny.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Have you ever wonder why many people that are having the same date and time of birth are having a different destiny? Many are having the same BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny but are living in totally different paths.

For example, two guys with the same BaZi chart, one know that he is going to make a lot money in a particular year but the other have no clue about his luck, the outcome will be totally different. Another example, two ladies having the same BaZi and they are suppose to give birth in a particular year, but under some circumstances, one of them choose abortion, this is her will or human luck.

There may have different destiny because of the fact that they have

1. different parents, including different socio-economic characteristics,

2. different country with different political and economically influences,

3. different conception time and different conception locations which falls under difference fengshui influences,

4. different geographic areas: a person lacking of water and water represent his auspicious will do better in a colder region; or a person will perform better in a cold region is his chart is too hot.

5. different birth environments,

6. different birth order: one may be the first born while the other the 4th kid in the family,

7. different names, this will affect to some extend,

8. different Feng Shui environments when growing up,

9. different regional earth luck

10. different karma credit balance spilled over from previous life times,

11. different social networks as interactions or exchange of energies with different social groups will give rise to different life experience and opportunities and hence different destinies,

12. their own choosing which will lead to different outcomes,

13. one of the most important factor is “not knowing his/her luck cycle” and make wrong decisions at the wrong time.

The above is only a few of the reasons why same BaZi chart produces different person. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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