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Day and Year pillar clashes 日年主天克地冲 can kill.

Saturday, 13 March 2021


Day and year pillar clashes 日年主天克地冲 is when day and year stems suppresses yearly stem and day branch clashes with yearly branch. With The 60 Years Jia Zi Cycle (甲子年), everyone will have at least two Day pillar clash 日主天克地冲. Take an example, DingHai 丁亥 day master, 2001 XinSi 辛巳 year.

Day and year pillar clashes 日年主天克地冲 can bring serious health issues if one favorable and Useful Ten Gods (喜神,喜用神) are further threatened and under a lot of pressure. These clashes can be bad and as spouse palace is also about your marriage, this can also about your spouse.

She is a very successful business woman. Now let’s take a look into her BaZi.


She has a very good BaZi with 6 good TaYun, she is very successful and rich.

Her health started to go bad once she stepped into in 1998 TaYun, to be exact after Dec 09, 1998. 1998 JiaYin 甲寅 and 2008 YiMao 乙卯 were bad for her health. Can you see the problems?

In 2001, XinSi 辛巳 year, with her day and year pillars clashed 日年主天克地冲, her two 丁亥 pillars clashed with 2001, XinSi 辛巳, she got 红斑狼疮(systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE) which lead to Lupus nephritis a type of kidney disease and lead to her kidney failure. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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