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Looks like a Perfect Life

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Friday, 22 April 2022


Mr. Harry wrote, (for more goto (Looks like) a Perfect Life (Bazi))

He's from a rich family. Happy family. His father was great in business. And he is talented too. Good at school. His life is almost perfect. Handsome , smart , rich and have a great sense of business. He helps his father's business since age 21. Prosperity is assured. Married in the age 25. Have a good and capable wife. Blessed with 3 children (all male).

But everything collapsed suddenly. When entering this 2022. His father passed away (14 Feb 2022), and also he inherited the business, but found many hidden problem left by his father.

At the same time, he found out his good wife have cheated on him recently with his friend (24 Feb 2022). Last march 2022 become his worst month ever in his life. He closed some businesses, got divorced at the same time. But he got the custody of his children.

When i checked the TaYun, it is a good TaYun (己未),which is a wealth TaYun. His life journey proved that he is a strong daymaster. But when he step into this TaYun, all suddenly changed.

And his father left him with an enormous amount of debt that almost impossible for him to deal. The other bad thing, he needs to sell many his properties, but in the bad prices due to situations.

己 is supposedly a good element. 己未, is a rich TaYun for him with 己 rooted in the 未 。But instead of wealth, debt comes. This is very weird.

What happened with this TaYun, when all previous TaYun are exactly as the basic of bazi itself.

Let’s look into his BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny.

 Perfect Life 八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

This is a strong Yi 乙 wood daymaster, earth is his wealth and Wu 戊 earth is about his wife. His 1992 BingChen 丙辰 and 2002 DingSi 丁巳 TaYun with stronger earth with support, are his two good TaYun. 2012 WuWu 戊午 TaYun with stronger favorable earth is another good TaYun for him.

2022 JiWei 己未 TaYun also with stronger favorable earth, looks the same but is very different and 2002 is bad. 2022 JiWei 己未 TaYun is not good.

2032 GengShen 庚申 TaYun can be much better but he still need to be careful.

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