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Nail houses in fengshui.

Thursday, 27 November 2008
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A nail house ( 钉子户) is a Chinese neologism for homes belonging to people (sometimes called "stubborn nails") who refuse to make room for development. A number of very high-profile nail houses have received wide-spread news attention in the Chinese press some.

Nail houses have received an unusual high degree of coverage in the Chinese press. The massive land development and building boom in China has created this new category of residence or holdouts from land developers’ buyout offers. Most of these “nail households” dislike the low offers or resist the corruption due to official and land developer alliance.

We have expressions like “a thorn in one’s eye” to represent something or people that make someone extremely uncomfortable but yet hardly be removed. In Chinese We have the tem “the nail in one’s eye” (眼中钉, yan zhong ding).

The pictures below show what the Chinese netizens called “The soolest nail household in history” (史上最牛钉子户) in 2007. Even CNN had reported this incident in their international TV news. The Chongqing incident was initially called "coolest nail house in history" by a blogger.

One family among nearly 300 others within the location of a 6 story shopping mall under construction at the location of a former "snack street" in Chongqing refused for 2 years to vacate a home their family had inhabited for three generations. Developers cut their power and water, and excavated a more than 10 meter deep pit around their home. The owners broke into the construction site, reoccupied it, and flew a Chinese flag on top. Yang Wu, a local martial arts champion, used nunchakus to make a staircase to their house, and threatened to beat any authorities who attempted to evict him. His wife, a restaurateur named Wu Ping who had planned to open a restaurant in the home's ground floor, granted interviews and frequent press releases to generate publicity. The owners turned down an offer of 3.5 million yuan (US$453,000), but eventually settled with the developers in 2007.

nail households fengshui  Chongqing
The famous nail house in Chongqing "coolest nail house in history"

There have been similar hold-outs in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. In particular they have cited families that refused to move even as the original and subsequent runway construction projects began around them for the Narita Airport outside of Tokyo, Japan.

The following is another famous “nail household” of a Japanese-American family living in Anaheim, California, USA, next door to the “happiest place on earth“– Disneyland. The family refuses to sell out to Disney for decades.

nail households fengshui

Here is another group of “nail households” in the middle of a major traffic surrounded by tall buildings.

nail households fengshui nail households fengshui nail households fengshui

Here, I cannot say who is right and who is wrong. but for all these “nail households”, if they preserve and keep staying in their isolated houses, they might have win the battle but but lose the war, especially in Feng Shui.

1. Nail households are likely be surrounded by new and tall buildings. This create a subconscious feeling of being suppressed and feel depressed. The longer they stay the more problems will surface.

2. Luck will dwindling as earth qi tends to migrate to newer structures.

3. As the taller building surrounding them are blocking the Qi, illness and misfortune is hard to avoid.

4. Many Sha will appear. These include "Light Sha", "Rushing Qi Sha", "Blade sha", "Noise Sha" and so on. It will be near impossible to counter all the Sha Qi.

In FengShui term there has no winners but losers. In the long run, the nail households will lose more than the land developers.

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