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Mr. Tao Hua
A married man with too much love

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Monday, 1 August 2016
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羊刃 “YangRen”, he came from an above average family. He is not clever.

His love fate was not good. There were three reasons.

1. His spouse stars are his unfavorable and there are both 财才 revealed and have root. With so many 财才, his “Tao Hua” luck was heavy. At the same time, there is 杀, he was bold and lust.

2. 酉杀 sits at his spouse palace, for weak day master, this mean his wife is fierce, strict, and controlling. He does not have 印卩 to discharge 官杀, and this mean he is “阳奉阴违” overtly agree with his wife but covertly oppose, when see 伤食 he will revolt.

3. 财才 were not at place, 杀 sits at spouse palace (day branch) suppressed his wealth stars 寅 劫. His wife wants to control his money.

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He was a dropped out from school. Why?

He had two girlfriends simultaneously in 1969. How to tell?

He married in 1973. Why 1973?

1975 癸亥TaYun, 癸戊 combined 伤 – he was getting bold and 亥 combined with two 寅 to create 比; 比 is his money; when he was bolder and with more money, more “Tao Hua” Peach blossom and more romances would come.

What happened in 1978? More lovers?

what happened with his marriage in 1987? Divorced? If divorced, would he re-married?

He has a mistress in 2000. What about her that you can tell? She was a nightclub worker. Can you tell?

In 2002 he had a new baby. Can you see it?

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* This was extracted from my educational module 5 - structures 格局.

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