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Mirrors in Feng Shui - What you should know about mirrors in FengShui.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010
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In Chinese there is a saying “鏡不要對門貴人好近身 jing buyao dui men guiren hao jinshen”. This is translated as mirrors should not be place facing our main door in order to get good noble persons.

In FengShui, mirrors always a favorite subject. Mirrors are divided into two type.

1 Obvious mirror 明鏡 (I will refer this as mirror) and

2 Hidden mirror 暗鏡

In fengshui, hidden mirror include all that have reflective effect like tv monitor, computer monitor, vase, table top, cooking top and etc.

When you have a lot of mirror it will create an illusion that someone is always watching you.

In FengShui, Mirrors and “hidden”mirrors are often used outside our house in order to counter any Sha “killing”Qi. But if there is too many mirrors inside our home, mirrors itself will create some kind of “killing”Sha Qi.

Mirrors can also gather yin qi and therefore, you must be careful when you want to use mirrors.

Hidden mirrors have many type of colors which represent different elements. For example, blue and black represents water and in fengshui water represents money. If you have too many of them, the chances of losing money are much higher.

Here I listed a few of the location of mirrors in fengshui and its corresponding affects.

1. Main door. In fengshui, mirrors should not face your main door. This is very important and crucial in fengshui. It will chase any noble person and you money luck away. This should apply to all door not only the main door.

2. Living area. Mirrors in your living area should not be too big and out of proportion. This will affect family members relationship and relation will be tense.

3. Kitchen.There should not be any mirror facing your cooking stove or microwave oven. In fengshui it will increase your chances of losing money.

4. Dining. In fengshui, mirrors should not be facing directly at you when you are enjoying your meals at your dining table. Especially if the mirror is of half the height. The chances of stomach complication are higher.

5. Wash room. There should not any mirrors facing your toilet door. The chances of peach blossom “Tao Hua” are higher. If you want more Ta Hua you can purposely place a mirror facing your toilet door.

6. Bed room. Mirrors should not be facing your bed. The chances of dispute and quarrel are much higher.

7. Study room. Do not install mirrors like ceiling in your study or working room. You will lost concentration and make more mistakes.

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