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Marriage problems and your BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny

Monday, 18 May 2009
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We tend to think that only bad people have affairs or only people in bad relationships. But no one is immune from an affair. These can happen to anyone. Can this be foreseen. In all BaZi, when certain criteria being fulfilled, you cannot run away. She of he will appear in front of you. They are not immune from having affairs disrupt their lives or the lives of those they care about.

The first question most people ask when they learn of their partner's affair is, "Why?" And the answers they come up with are usually based on personal blame. They blame themselves, their partner, their relationship, or the third party. They see it strictly as a personal problem, a personal failure of the people involved. Some blame blame it on fate.

Usually there are 3 different kinds of forces that are invloved. Forces that pull them together like companionship, admiration, curiosity and excitement. Forces that push them together like desire to escape or find relief from a painful relationship, boredom, desire for attention and to prove one's attractiveness or worth. The last one is the societal factor like affairs that were glamorized in movies, romance novels, and TV shows of all kinds.

Okay, before I go out of topic, the answer to the above question is Yes and the accuracy can go up to 90 percent. There are two main points to look for in our BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny

1. The BaZi 8 characters chart. In this chart, certain condition are already showing the sign of affairs. If this is the case, when in certain 10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun") which further support the role, then the changes of affair is very high.

2. 10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun"). In certain years, when the affairs stars being enhance and spouse palace being disturbed, affair is bound to occur.

But please remember, when the first occurence of the above conditions, it is marriage and it is not an affair.

Now let me show you an example. She was born on 7 November 1954 .

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Extra-Marital Affair
Chart 1. Her BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny is without any favorable stars.

About her BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny chart.

1. She is strong daymaster 旺格. She has no favorable stars in her chart.

2. Many combinations which effect the daymaster.

3. Her spouse stars are Zheng-guan 正官 and Qi-sha 七杀. Her spouse stars are at both hour heavenly stem and hour earthly branch. One direct and one indirect, one on top and below. Too many spouse stars are no good for marriage.

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Extra-Marital Affair
Chart 2. Her second 10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun"). Among the total of 10 years, love luck was strong in 6 years.

Now let talk about her second 10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun").

1. The heavenly stem with Zheng-guan 正官. The earthly branch with stars combined and again transformed into spouse star. Spouse stars were very strong in these 10 years. She will definitely marry during this period.

2. Among the total of 10 years, 6 years fulfilled the condition of marriage. Remember the first one is marriage and the following are affair.

3. She met her husband in 1976.

4. She was married in 1979.

5. She met hew new love in 1981. Because this year was having strong support for her husband stars, there was no affair. Take note that both stars were printed in RED.

6. She has extra-marital Affair in 1982.

Okay now there is another question. In any 10 years luck cycle (大运 "ta yun"), spouse stars will surely appear in a few years. If so, are you saying that all these year, affairs are bound to happen? Of course not, because it also depends on your BaZi 8 characters your four pillars of destiny.

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