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Marriage and relationship

Thursday, 2 June 2011


One of the most common questions that people asked me is about love and marriage. Almost everyone wants to have good marriage, love by someone, want to feel love and most important want a long lasting relationship.

Some have blessed marriage until the end of their life. Unfortunately many are not so lucky and not pre-destined this way. Some have difficulty finding their right partner, some cannot find a partner, some involve in complicated relationships or always attract the wrong people into their lives, some couples are always having conflict, some will have more than one marriage and some end up in divorce.

In many occasions, when I look at their BaZi Four Pillars and their BaZi show that potentially he will attract a lot of women and therefore the chances of temptations and being involved in affairs are much higher regardless if he is still single or married. However different people have different response. These responses include

1. “Yes, this is good”

2. “What should I do?”

3. “I know that, but I love my wife”

4. “Should I divorce my wife and keep looking for a better love?”

5. And many more. This is the complication of human behaviors.

Potentially what are going to happen in a person’s life in regards to his or her relationship and marriage can be seen or read from their BaZi destiny chart. If that is so, are all marriage pre-destined? Should everyone just leave everything to fate and if things fail, just blame it on your life?

Definitely not, this is because human do have a certain level of control in their life. Like the responses listed above, everyone has to make their own choice. I cannot tell and decide for you how you would lead your life. You have many choices, I can only tell you potentially what will happen and when it is going to happen. Your own decisions and actions have direct impact on your life.

For those who know BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny will know that every 12 years there will be a clash into the spouse “palace” in a person’s destiny chart. It does not mean that every 12 years one will get divorced! It just means potentially there will be some conflict or arguments during that period, whether it leads to divorce, there are many factors to consider. There are also monthly, daily or hourly influences in our life, for example, some months you argue more, some days you argue more; even during certain hour of the day you are more prone to arguments. For everyone the influences of the hour, day, month and years will be different and the effect with be different for different people. It is rare when couples don’t argue, accept the fact that it is normal for conflicts or disagreement to happen, but how you handle conflicts makes a difference.

By knowing your destiny chart and luck cycle, a person become more aware of potential problems he may face, he can be more conscious when he deals with the conflict or he can minimize it and handle with more care.

For those that are single, choosing the right partner has a major impact in your life, so please choose carefully. But how do you know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is the right one? In the first place, the question to answer is do you know what you want? You have to be clear, if you are not sure, there is one simple exercise you can do to help yourself. Write down on a piece of paper, the attributes you would like to have in your perfect spouse/partner, be as clear and as detailed as possible. It works on 2 levels, first, when you are clear of what you want, when you meet the right person, you will know. On the second level it is more subtle, when you know what you want and your thoughts are consistent, you tend to attract what you want into your life. If you understand the law of attraction or manifestation you will know what I mean. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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