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Liz Murray - Poor family big achievements.

Monday, 28 December 2020


Elizabeth Murray is an American inspirational speaker who is notable for having been accepted by Harvard University despite being homeless in her high school years. She is a 2011 recipient of the Alex Awards.

Poor and drug-addicted parents.

She was born in the Bronx, New York, on September 23, 1980, to poor and drug-addicted parents, both of whom would later contract HIV. She became homeless just after she turned 15, when her mother died of AIDS in 1996, and her father moved to a homeless shelter. When her father moved to a shelter, Liz found herself living on the streets, eating from dumpsters and finding shelter on all-night subway routes.


She had dismal grades due to poor attendance, but was accepted by the Humanities Preparatory School in Greenwich Village, where she encountered teachers who cared about her welfare. Liz Murray began to read literature and study physics, but still had no stable place to stay. She did her homework in subway stations and stairwells. Despite her late high school start (age 17) and lack of a stable home, Murray began attending the Humanities Preparatory Academy in Chelsea, Manhattan, graduating in two years. She was awarded a New York Times scholarship for needy students and was accepted into Harvard University, matriculating in the fall semester of 2000. Her older sister Lisa graduated from Purchase College in New York State and is a school teacher for children with autism.

She transferred from Harvard to Columbia University in 2003 to care for her ailing father before returning in 2006 to complete her Bachelor of Science in psychology in June 2009. As of August 2009, she began taking graduate courses at Harvard Summer School with plans to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology and become a counselor. She has since earned a master's in the psychology of education from Columbia.


She is the founder and director of Manifest Living and a motivational speaker. A made-for-TV film about Murray's life Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story, was released in 2003. Liz Murray's New York Times (US) and Sunday Times (UK) bestselling memoir "Breaking Night" was released in September 2010. On May 19, 2013, she was awarded an honorary doctorate of public service and gave the commencement address at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts.

 Liz Murray 八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

Now let’s look at her BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny chart.

Her favorable Output stars 伤食, metal is very strong. Metal is about her education, thinking and people luck. Her favorable Wealth stars 财才, water is hidden and support by metal her Output stars. She does not have resource stars indicating that her fate with her mother is weak. Her Wealth stars 才 represents her father. Wealth stars 才 being suppressed by strong earth 劫比 indicating that her fate with her father is also bad. This was also her reason for her struggle in her early life.

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