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Landform (Shapes and forms Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Imbalance in Green Dragon and White Tiger. Part 2 of 8

Saturday, 6 September 2008
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The Dragon side relates to your left-hand side (inside your house looking out), representing helpful people and authority. The Tiger relates to the right-hand side, representing passive negative energy.

Everything has two sides, good and bad, bright and dark, so one side of the house belongs to the Tiger and the other to the Dragon. You try to shift the balance in your favour by placing more things on the Dragon side to enhance help and to gain autority.

Figure 1. Having similar houses on the left and on the right indicates help is always available.

A house is flanked on either side by houses of a similar size houses means helpful people is always close by and available. Relationship among family members, colleagues and friends is harmonious.

In general, by placing important items on the left-hand side of your workstation or working desks is by having the positive influence of the Dragon. Like placing valuable on the left-hand side of a room (as you enter through its door). Left-hand-side always the left side when you are facing.

Stronger Dragon Influence

Figure 2. House on the right side is smaller and shorter.

The more predominating influence of the Green Dragon, which is the more masculine than its feminine counterpart, the White Tiger. The Dragon side with houses that are taller and larger than the Tiger side, so the masculine influence of the Dragon predominates and the man is in power. This situation is fine because the Dragon is a benevolent force.

Stronger Tiger Influence

Figure 3. House on the right side is taller.

If there are taller houses or more houses on the right-hand side of your house, this means the women of the house have greater influence and the houses are more favoring the ladies.

The lady is the boss in the house which tends to be more passive. The female occupants will enjoy better luck than the men in the house.

No Dragon Influence

Figure 4. The Dragon influence is missing.

The house will have certain luck, but it comes bit by bit. Need to apply FengShui principles to recify.

No Tiger Influence

Figure 5. The is only Dragon influence as there is no hosues on the right. The tiger side is missing,

The house will have certain luck, again luck will come but starggered. This is better as compare with no Tiger influence. In FengShui, both should be present, but the Dragon must be more powerful. Applying general Feng Shui principles to the house will have a positive influence.

Houses with too strong Tiger influence

Figure 6. On the right is a very tall and much higher buidling. The negative influence of the Tiger is great and the occupants will constantly argue amongst themselves.

If a house has a very large building to the right-hand side, the negative influence of the Tiger is great; This Tiger generates more negative energy and the occupants will constantly argue amongst themselves. They can place a reflective screen on the bedroom window that looks directly on to the building.

Solitary and lonely house

Figure 7. A solitary house without any houses or structure nearby.

A house standing alone is without help or support, and its occupants must therefore be self-reliant and self-isolating. Occupants might have difficulties getting married.

Get support. It's best for land to either be level or have a rise at the back of the house. Land that falls away at the back of the house creates loss and difficulties getting recognition and promotion. If the house has a building or a hill at its back, then it is supported.

Certain level of lanscaping is good. But make sure the house is not overwhelmed by landscaping. If there is a tree too close to the house, especially if it is in line with the front door, this is not very good and will prevent opportunities comes for the homeowner. Consider removing the tree. Likewise, if plants and shrubs look like they’re taking over the house (either planted too closely or growing on the walls), consider removing these as well and replanting elsewhere. A house should not be smothered by the landscaping.

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