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Landform (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - The 4 FengShui Celestial Animals Part 1 of 8.

Friday, 29 August 2008
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The four key animals (and directions) guardians in feng-shui are:

Left - Green Dragon 左青龙,
Right - White Tiger 右白虎,
Front - Red Phoenix 前朱雀, and
Back - Black Turtle 后玄武

In ancient FengShui term, they mark the directions East - Wood - Green color - Spring (Green Dragon), West - Metal - White color - Autumn (White Tiger), South - Fire - Red - Summer (Red Phoenix), and North - Water - Black color - Winter (Black Turle), respectively, as you stand facing the South.

As time goes by, in modern days, these directions were also interpreted as left (Green Dragon), right (White Tiger), front (Red Phoenix), and back (Black Turtle) regardless of the direction the house faced.

As you stand inside the house facing out, the Green Dragon is on your left, the White Tiger on your right, the Black Tortoise at your back, and the Red Phoenix in the front.These FengShui Celestial Animals represent landform structures that would create a protection barrier around the home or business location. It also form as an area where Qi can gather and sustain. In term of Feng Shui, the balance and presence of these four animal guardians, represented by structures in the immediate environment, are extremely auspicious and ideal for locating a home or business.

Landform for your houses and offices.

This yang feng shui applies to both homes and businesses. This is the formation you will need to account for when you access your surrounding.

Figure 1. Dragon side is higher than Tiger side, with solid Turtle at the back plus a very nice Ming Tang 明堂 ("Bright Hall") in front, Good FengShui

Green Dragon on your left

For the dragon, we want a tall structure, but shorter than the turtle and slightly smaller. The dragon can composed of a series of buildings, bushes, another home or building, or other land formations, not necessarily just one individual structure.

The dragon represents helpful people, such as a business's partner, business investors, life partners, or simply just friends and family.

Therefore, it is important the dragon is close by, in terms of actual distance, to your home or businesses. In order to access the involvement of investors/partners to your business, just look at the proximity of the dragon to the actual business building. If the dragon structure is in close proximity to the business, then the investors/ partners are close by or more precise is more easily available. This means that if your business needs assistance, help will not be far away or not that difficult to get help.

However, if the dragon structure is no way near, it implies that business investors or partners are also not within reach or difficult to get. Since all businesses need helpful people to succeed, because no one can succeed alone, so make sure the dragon is present. This also applies to our homes. We need a good people-to-people system from family, relatives and friends in order to succeed and be prosperous. A person who lives alone with no friends or family around is like an island, a loner. He/she will feel isolated, which can and often will lead to depression. Therefore, helpful people are essential and one should seek out the dragon to bring in helpful people.

In addition to representing helpful people, the green dragon also signifies the Yang or male energy. According to the Tai Chi, the Yang energy, the active energy that we all need. Therefore, to avoid stagnant energy, which will cause health problems, the green dragon must be present.

In a rural environment, it is ideal for the Green Dragon formation to be covered with vegetation and the White Tiger formation to be an outcrop of whitish-colored rock. The Black Tortoise and Red Raven should have smooth slopes and ridges.

In an urban environment, the ideal Green Dragon formation is a building with a greenish tone. A building with a green stone facade or windows tinted with the appropriate color will serve the same purpose. Buildings with trees on their sides or with ivy clinging to the walls are also viable Green Dragons.

If your dragon side is missing from your house, you can grow bushes or other plants, such as a row of bamboos, put up a fence, or create a dragon structure to the left of your home to tap into the green dragon's Qi. For those who live in plan communities, popular in the United States, your next-door neighbor's house to the left of your home is a good solid green dragon.

White Tiger on your right

The white tiger is another significant structure that needs to surround the structure.

The tiger represents the right side, standing inside looking out of the building. White Tiger The tiger needs to be shorther and smaller than the dragon. Since the tiger can, at times, be a ferocious creature, it is important the tiger side does not dominate the dragon side of your home or business.

Therefore, the left side should always be higher than the right. The white tiger signifies the female energy, which tends to be more passive.

An effective White Tiger is a building that has a white stone facade or simply painted white.

Red phoenix in front

The phoenix refers to the front of the home or business. This is where you need a large and spacious area to allow chi to gather. Preferable with a small-scale structure in the front as well.

A good phoenix is an area that is quite open, but not totally exposed. The phoenix area should be large enough to accommodate the flow of Qi and to direct it towards the home or business. For example, a good phoenix for businesses is a parking lot. You can see many businesses have their parking lot in front of them. Here is where the flowing of Qi gather. It would even be better, if the parking lot were slightly slanted towards the front door. This way the chi will flow downwards toward the business. Just imagine it just rained outside, where the water flows to is where the chi will flow. If the water is flowing towards the front door of the business, the chi will follow.

Ming Tang 明堂 ("Bright Hall")
Every home should preferably have a mingtang 明堂 ("bright hall" in English term).

In ancient Chinese homes, there is usually an open courtyard in front of the homes to allow auspicious energy to gather, therefore, ensuring there is plenty of chi to enter the home.

A good ming-tong would be an open and wellkept lawn. A garden area in front of your home is also another good example of a ming-tang. This “bright hall effect” is extremely auspicious. Think of the White House in Washington with the large expanse of lawn in the front or the front of the grand Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina.

This also means that one must ensure the front of his/her home is clear of debris and clutter, so that good and positive chi can collect before it enters the home.

Black Turtle at the back

The black turtle refers to the large structure or building behind your home or business.

This structure should be large enough to create a protective shield in the back of the building. A series of taller buildings, solid walls or mountains ranges make strong black turtle structures. The more solid the construction of the back structure the stronger the black turtle.

The turtle represents support for the building and support for its occupants. The turtle in the back will bring occupants good founding with good solid support and backing. Without the turtle, residences of the home may face exceptional challenges. Things will be worst if the back is a slope. Therefore, think twice before you buy a house that back a retention wall with deep slope behind the wall.

The Black Tortoise should not be too close to the house. In a suburb, your backyard should provide enough distance between your house and the Black Tortoise. In the city, you would want to have a parking lot or even an alley between your building and the backing.

Some points to consider:

• Try to look for site surrounded by all four guardian landforms.

• If not, the next best is one that has the Black Tortoise, Green Dragon, and White Tiger.

• Still not possible? Then, if there is only one protection feature, it should be the Black Tortoise.

• The Black Tortoise should not be too close to the house. Else from protection it becomes destructive energy especially if it is very steep and tall.

• The Red Phoenix formation should not block the view from the front of the house.

• Do not live in a house on a slope without trees, trees is a form of protection.

• Do not live in a house that is situated on top of a mountain. These sites have no protection on any side. This like a high-rise apartment that is the tallest building in the immediate area also is unprotected from destructive energy.

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