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Landform (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Road Patterns and Feng Shui. Part 3 of 8

Saturday, 13 September 2008
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The location and position of road in relation with the house has significant effects on the well-being and fortunes of the occupants of the homes.

As mentioned erlier, Qi is an active principle forming part of any living things, the life-force in everything, circulating within our homes and other buildings, outer environment, the physical landscape and surroundings, highways, rivers, road, trees, lakes, ponds and of course, the people.

Feng Shui enables you to understand and tap the beneficial Chi energy to the maximum and disperse, disrupt or remove obstructions to allow its flow.

FengShui is the corrective measure to increase receptivity, to focus and to channel positive Qi energy. letting the Qi to nourish our environment and ourself, or to deflect negative energy influences.

Qi energy is positive when, it is allowed to flow freely, lightly brushing everything it touches, accumulating and gentlly nourishing our environment.

Qi turns bad when allowed to stagnate in one place or being channel as a rushing Qi which become killing "Sha" Qi. For example Qi harmful when channelled too quickly along straight paths, like a thunderbolt being hurled to your home.

Figure 1. House sitting below a road
It is never ever lucky to live below the road level. Determine that the house is sitting higher than the front road or at least at the same level. House should not be sitting in a valley as sunlight and qi would not be able to reach and the Qi will stay at one place. Besides, you never know when a heavy downpour is going to occur and often just when the local authority has not cleared the blocked rainwater drains just above you. I would also not dare to imagine some reckless driver careening off the road.

When you live below road level, the danger of becoming the victim of financial scams or even bankruptcy is always a threat. This is especially true when you doing your unlucky cycles, where your luck energies are low, causing you to suffer from a sudden reversal of fortune. Living below road level can also cause severe illness or accidents to occur.

Figure 2. High and low divided by a road.
If it is a hilly place with a road in the middle (valley), one side of the property will benefits, while the other will not. In the simple illustration in Figure 2., properties facing the road on the left (high) will be better off than the one of the right.

Figure 3. Houses and buildings are on a gently curving road.
The best position for houses and buildings are on a gently curving road is within the bend of the road, although those on the outside curves are still in a relatively safe position.

Figure 4. Houses and buildings in a well protected form.
This house colored in red is well protected because it is inside the bend of the road and cushioned by nearby houses that are closer to the bend.

Figure 5.Roads and River
Roads that converge near a bridge are a powerful gather point for energy. The busy side (the right side) is not suitable for houses but are more suitable for a shop or restaurant. If houses are at the right side, the energy can be overwhelming, which would need to be well shielded by trees or a fence. Blinds or curtains can be used as a barrier, and a mirror help' deflect forceful energy. The houses on the left are much better and are better protected. In short, for residence choose those houses on the left and for shops choose those on the right.

Figure 6.Inside a curve
The houses inside the bends of a quiet road benefit from the gentle collection of Qi. The larger the cap the more luckier is the house.

Figure 7.Crossroads
The house at the corner (marked in red) of a crossroads is subject to the forceful energy from several directions and the sharp comers emits destructive chi. The house is also affected by the movement of traffic from four directions, particularly when vehicles turning at the crossroads appear to be heading towards the front door. A mirror outside the house will help to deflect the influence of oncoming traffic, but make sure you do not cause accident by placing the mirror at the wrong place. The better choice is to have plants. You can have blinds for added protection.

However, if this is a shop or restaurant, with the right fengshui arrangements, the shop can gather all the Qi, smoothen it and turn it into beneficial energy. This of course only if the environment have the provided quality. Further anaylsis is needed.

Figure 8. Under a flyover
Houses built on the outside bend of roads or flyovers suffer from the 'Cutting Blade'. This knife-like effect needs to be controlled. You can put plants and reflective screen on the windows. Normally there is too much yin below a flyover. You will have to create a man-make ventilation process and try to balance out the yin and yang using fengshui remedies.

Figure 9. Cutting Blade effect.
Houses built on the outside bend of roads or flyovers suffer from the 'Cutting Blade' effect of the bend. This knife-like effect needs to be controlled. You can put plants and reflective screen on the windows.

Figure 10. T-junction.
The chi travelling down the road towards the T-junction becomes too great and forceful as it meets the intersections and can affect the prosperity of those facing the T-junction or living at a point between the two junctions. Use plants and reflective objects to protect the site and create a barrier with blinds, trees or fencing. The severity will depends on the load of the traffic.

Figure 11. Culs-de-sac.
With only narrow exit from these culs-de-sac, the energy is easily trapped. The residents may find that their finances and general good fortune being squeezed out. Create additional small exits or pathways would help to prevent energy becoming trapped and decayed.

If the road ends at a straight line to the house, this is not good. Long straight driveways that end at the house, or roads that stop at the house, are another problem, but can be corrected with trees or plants.

Figure 12. Complex pattern and irregular of roads
A complex pattern and irregular of roads with many twists and corners can be confuse and the Qi is trapped at certain sectors. Once Qi is trapped at a certain sectors, the flow of Qi will be effected. First this kind of overall structure, you will need to look at each house indivually, Try to create positive conditions in and around your house like putting up greenery, with rounded structures or designs plus appropriate light conditions. In this kind of situation, each house might have very different kind of fengshui and luck.

Figure 13. Circular road
When roads branch off a main circular road, the homes that nestle within the inner branches receive the most beneficial chi.

Figure 14. Fast traffic.
Although these houses are inside the bend of the road, which mentioned earlier as beneficial, however with continual, heavy flow of traffic, the good fortune normally associated with the site is reduced. The heavier the trafiic the more severe is the effect.

Figure 15. Flat road
Houses or apartment blocks are built along flat, straight roads, non so busy road, on the more quiet side, does not necessarily mean they have bad or good feng shui. The reading depends upon traffic flow, are there any heavy traffic at certain hours of the day, their house structure, the natural of the surroundings and so on. Each house will need to be analysis individually.

Some points to consider:

1. the “strength” of the roads around your home. Is it a big one with plenty of traffic, or just a small lane.

2. The speed of traffic flow. The faster they move the more it brings negative harmful energy. When the flow of traffic moves slowly, its chi energy is a lot more benevolent and therefore much more positive in its effects.

3. Winding roads are generally more benevolent than straight roads.

4. Elevated roads tend to be more harmful than roads that are on the same level as your home.

5. Avoid dead-end.

6. Avoid properties that are near to monorail. It sucks in energy when it arrives and dispels when it leaves.

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