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Landform (Shapes and forms) in FengShui - Perimeter Wall. Part 6 of 8

Monday, 6 October 2008
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In landed property, we normally see perimeter walls. Perimeter walls provide us with a sense of protection and we feel much safer, have more privacy, fell cozier and relax staying in such houses. However, many of us forget or just do not bother about the fengshui of our perimeter walls. Is these walls important? Yes, it is. General rule is that rectangle and square walls are preferred.

Figure 1. Wall taller on one side.
The perimeter wall on both sides of the main gate should be of the same height. Otherwise, the owner (husband or wife) will have a shorter life and they may also have marital problems.

Figure 2. House level
If you have a perimeter wall surrounding your house, the height of the first floor must be at least the height of the wall or higher than the wall. Otherwise, it is considered inauspicious. The wall must not be too high or your house will look like a prison. This is very inauspicious.

You will notice that some very large houses with high perimeter walls, its occupants are normally retired top executives, retired political leaders and their luck is declining. Many of their chidlren are either migrated and working overseas.

Figure 3. Perimeter wall is too near
The perimeter wall should not be too close to the wall of your house. They should be at least 5 feet wide. Otherwise, the occupants will feel pressure and will have difficulties in his career and will face financial problems.

Figure 4. Triangle perimeter wall
For a house with perimeter wall, the shape of the land plot must be square or rectangular. Avoid a triangular land plot, especially inverted triangular plot with broader front facing side. Financial is bad. People who live in there will suffer from mental illness or become suicidal. Some will even develop terminal diseases.

Figure 5. Height of the perimeter wall.
The height of the perimeter wall should be slightly taller than the human height. However, some people will construct very tall perimeter wall as they thought it is more secured. Sometime, they will add barbed wire on top of the perimeter wall. People who live in there will feel like living in prison and will become poorer.

Figure 6.
If it is gloomy inside a house surrounded by perimeter wall, you can grow Siberian elm tree in the house.

Figure 7.
The perimeter wall should be lower than the house. Also avoid constructing a window opening on the perimeter wall. This is inauspicious. This type of window is called Red Phoenix Opening Her Mouth "朱雀开口". The purpose of the wall is for protection and privacy, with windows it will cause unnecessary incidents, disturbance and stir up trouble.

Some more considerations:

1. The walls must not broader in front and narrow at the back.

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