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Landform (Shapes and forms) Exterior Environment - Analyse the Feng Shui of your surroundings. Part 7 of 8

Tuesday, 14 October 2008
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FengShui is the analysis of the effect of cosmic energies in our environment where it brings about an influence on people’s behaviour and actions.

The effect of “External Environment’ is far greater than “Internal Environment” because firstly, it is much larger and secondly, it is the actual source of cosmic energies. From the external, these energies or “Qi” is then received into our internal environment through our main door, doors and windows. Therefore, as long as the external environment is negative, no matter what you do with internal environment, the influence is only minimal.

Then why do people still focus so much on their internal environment, inside their building? That’s because we can only change the environment. We cannot do much from the external. Most of the time, we cannot stop or change what is happening outside, though that does not mean it is less important.

Very often, people are curious in what is involved in this “External Environment” analysis. Such analysis takes into account details like the prescence of rivers, mountains, landscape structures, water, tall buildings, surroundings, slope of land, ponds, lake, drains, roads and everything else that you can see. These details are usually taken for granted but in effect, they have a greater influence.

Figure 1.
Generally, it is not advisable to live near (e.g. within 100 m radius) school, Police Station, factory, Petrol Station, temple and hospital. This is because negative Chi or Yang Chi accumulated in these areas will have adverse effect on those living nearby. Places like Schools, Temple and Police Station are usually busy and noisy. ie. They are Yang in nature. Too much Yang is not desirable. In feng Shui, we always try to have a balance in both Yin and Yang. Therefore, if you live near these busy location such as school, you may not be able to sleep well and your health may be affected.

Figure 2.
It is not auspicious for the main door to face a river or a big drainage system. If the river is fast flowing, there is too much Yang Chi. And if the water is dirty, negative Chi will accumulate and affect your health.

Figure 3.
Main door facing a big tree (especially a dead tree) or pylon is considered bad in Feng Shui. A pylon or big dead tree (especially big dead tree) located within a 100 feet radius of the property is deemed dangerous. They will affect the health of your family. It is best to pass out on such property.

Figure 4.
If the main door is facing mountain side and is close to the mountain, it is very inauspicious. Therefore, if you need to build a house beside a mountain, you must ensure that the main door is not facing the mountain. Property with main door facing a mountain at close range will cause its occupants to feel oppressed. The Chi flow is obstructed. As a result, your health will be affected. If there is a graveyard on the mountain side, there will be funeral services and crying scene. The Chi will be even more negative.

Figure 5.
Occupants of a triangular shaped and irregular shared property will feel tensed. There will be quarrels among the family members. Sometimes, couple may be ended up divorced. Very inauspicious.

Figure 6.
Low-lying properties are susceptible to flood. In addition, this area is likely to be very humid, and become a good breeding areas for bacteria and mould. Living in this property will damage your health in the long term.

Figure 7.
When you remove the weed, make sure that you have uprooted all of it and not to "graze " the top-growth. Otherwise it will soon re-grow. If the roots and sees are not removed, luck and fortune will pass you by.

Figure 8.
Houses facing bridge or built near a bridge will lead to poor wealth luck. There will be unexpected financial losses.

Figure 9.
If you have a willow tree in your courtyard, or are living near to a willow tree, it may lead to the "peach blossom sha" (ie. there will be third party in the marital relationship).

Figure 10.
Dead plants are very inauspicious sign and the negative chi will accumulate here. It's better to remove them immediately.

Figure 11.
If the windows or main door of your house is directly facing another house, there will be Sha Chi. This effect is even more negative if the the houses are close to each other. You can block the Sha Chi by planting some trees between the houses.

Figure 12.
If there is a nest of ants on a tree near your house, it is inauspicious. You may face many more obstacles in your career or business, and you may be sabotaged in your work place.

Figure 13.
It is better to construct a separate garage unit than to construct one in the basement. Negative Chi from basement garage will leak into your house easily.

Figure 14.
Clutters or piles of rubbish near your house will produce negative Chi. This is very damaging sign in Feng Shui. Get rid of them quickly.

Figure 15.
If there are potholes or dirty water pondings in front of the house, there may be financial loss or accidental injuries in the household.

Figure 16.
The door size must be in proportion to the house size. If the house is small and the door is too wide in proportion, it is very inauspicious. Chi will leak out of the house easily. There will be loss of wealth and many heated quarrels in the house.

Figure 17.
If there is any withered tree (regardless of its size) facing your main door directly, it is a very detrimental sign in Feng Shui, especially to the health of elderly. This is so even if the withered tree is just beside your house. You will have to remove the withered tree immediately.

Figure 18.
Long feldspar rock near your house is considered bad Feng Shui, especially if it is placed in front of the main entrance. Its negative effect on the children may be very serious and sometimes fatal.

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