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Landform (Shapes and forms) Interior Design - Feng Shui tips. Part 8 of 8

Tuesday, 21 October 2008
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The proper analysis of Feng Shui should always be done for BOTH “Internal” and “External” environment. Only with the understanding of what’s happening outside can we then implement a better judgement and recommendation of the best possible internal layout. Which areas are then the most important sectors to consider? It would be the Main Door, Kitchen and Bedrooms. The main door is the most critical factor as it is the channel through which "Qi” is being received into the house. The kitchen is another most active area therefore, we need to understand what energies that being activated. Bedrooms are our rest place in which most of us spend at least 8 hours.

You can see from many property layout that some developers really do not care much about Feng Shui in their interior design. There can be many reasons for that - they are more concerned about their financial bottom line than the FengShui influence, or there may be space and budget constraints. And many buyers will renovate their new home before shifting in.

Whatever the reasons could be, it is therefore good for us to learn a bit about Feng Shui. This will help you to make informed decisions about your property or buying a new one. Over time, you can be your own judge on Feng Shui - does Feng Shui really bring you better living and happier family life?

And here are more Feng Shui tips on interior design of a house:

Figure 1.
When you enter a house through the main door, you should see the living room area first.

Unfortunately, some developers want to optimise the floor areas and you will see the kitchen area or the dining area first. This is very inauspicious - the luck and prosperity of the family will deteriorate. This is very common in Hong Kong where land if equal to gold. When you step into these houses, the first thing you see is the kitchen. This need fengshui to rectify.

Figure 2.
If the ceiling is low, the air circulation will not be good. You will feel oppressed and your health will also be affected.

Figure 3.
The corridor inside the property should not be too long. Qi will be flowing fast through the house. A long corridor like that is considered a ferocious feature in Feng Shui.

Figure 4.
Corridor that forms the shape of Chinese Character "回" inside the house will deplete the good luck of the property.

Figure 5.
If the color of the ceiling is darker than the walls, the atmosphere may be too oppressive. Use a lighter shade for the ceiling.

Figure 6.
If the left and right walls of the house are of different length, it will adversely affect the wife and children.

Figure 7.
If the front side of the house is longer than the rear side, the wealth luck will be undermined. The number of descendants of the family will reduce.

Figure 8.
If the front side of the house is shorter than the rear side, the family luck will be growing and it is very auspicious.

Figure 9.
Property with 4 missing corners is very inauspicious.

Figure 10.
Residential house should not install with transparent glass-panel walls. There should be some privacy. Otherwise, there will be frequent quarrels and the women living in it will have "Peach Blossom Sha".

Figure 11.
All semi-detached house should have a front door and a back door. If there is no back door, the married couple will find it difficult to get along with each other.

Figure 12.
The skylight (i.e. the overhead window on the roof) should be in proportion to the size of the semi-detached house. Otherwise, the house will be overwhelmed with Yang energy. There will be frequent disputes within the family.

Figure 13.
The center area is missing in the L-shape house. The family luck will deteriorate over time.

An L-shaped house is where the centre of the property ends up being outside of the property. The centre of any property is known as the Heaven Heart and is the core of the house’s Qi, which is an extremely important sector. Once the core has been shifted to the outside of the house, it is no longer protected and the Feng Shui of the home instantly becomes unfavourable. An L-shaped home with a bedroom, kitchen or dining room in the extended area can cause marital discord and a lack of family unity. Other rooms in this area can cause a loss of concentration, failures at work, and financial difficulties. Occupants here will feel extremely agitated and unhappy.

Figure 14.
As a general rule, do not over-decorate the house with metallic items. In Feng Shui, we strive for balance and harmony. If there is too much metal, the Qi will be disrupted.

Figure 15.
Do not place items that generate "fire" (e.g. heater or stove) at the center of the house

Figure 16.
The ceiling should not be painted in dark color or have mirrors sealed on it. This is considered inauspicious for living.

Figure 17.
If the doors are aligned in a straight line, Qi energy will rush through. Rushing Qi is always bad in Feng Shui.

Figure 18.
If you were about to hang something (e.g. painting, decorative items) around the head area of the bed, think again. In Chinese saying, it is like putting a mountain on one's head (泰山压顶), the person will not have a good rest and will feel tensed all the time.

Figure 19.
The bedroom should have a window that is wide enough to let in ample natural light. Otherwise, the room will be too Yin and not good for health.

Figure 20.
The bed should not be point directly to the door. Also, do not sleep with your feet or head pointing to the door.

Figure 21.
Avoid choosing Odd-shape room (especially those with sharp edge) as your bedroom. There are missing corners.

Figure 22.
If there is a bathroom in your bedroom, always keep in dry at all time (except when you are bathing, of course). Otherwise, the bedroom will become too humid and your health will be damaged.

Figure 23.
Although healthy green plants can generate positive Qi and ward off negative Sha Qi or Sha Chi, you should overcrowd your bedroom with too many plants.

Figure 24.
The bed should not be facing the mirror directly.

Figure 25.
Do not hang weapons in your house. It is not good for your children and you.

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