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Jinxes husband - Part 1 - the wife.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010
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In older days, when the husband dies young, his left behind wife was to blame to have jinxed her husband. This believe still persist until today. Is this of any truth? Have someone actually do a study of their BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny to determine the actual reason behind the death?

I can tell you one thing, very often (if not 100 percent) from the husband’s BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny already shows symptoms of his death. And coincidentally, the wife’s BaZi Four Pillars also shows that her husband stars being totally suppressed, injured or even death. You can say that this is just coincidence and we are now where to judge; it is up to the individual to decide.

Have you notice that, when the other way happen that is when the wife die early, in older Chinese community, very seldom people say that the husband jinx the wife; they said that the wife do not have the luck “fu qi” 福气. It is very unfair right? I know.

In older Chinese community, the lady’s Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny is drawn before she can get married. If her BaZi shows “Jinx Husband” symptoms, she will have a very difficult time to get a husband. Even her entire family reputation will be effected.

In this first part of “Jinxes husband 剋夫命”, let me talk about the wife which her husband died in an accident.

About her BaZi

Note: I am not showing her BaZi chart in order to protect her identity.

Her Bazi only have one “Spouse star” at her year stem. The rest are either “Friend” or “Food God”. All these stars are the enemy of her spouse star and with “Food god” sitting at her spouse palace. From her BaZi it already shows that her husband star in very weak. Anymore suppressing will break her husband star.

Bazi fengshui – jinxes husband the wife
Chart 1. Her husband died in 1997 in an accident.

About the luck cycle “Ta Yun” and 1997.

1. In this Ta Yun, with “Indirect wealth” sitting at branch, and support her spouse star, her spouse should be healthy and strong. But not in 1997.

2. But look carefully at 1997. The “Indirect wealth” was combined with 1997 year branch and transformed into “Rob wealth” which further suppresses her spouse star. Her spouse star has no chance of survive; injured and severely harmed. Her husband died in an accident in 1997. He was only 42.

3. Take note that in this year, she was having “3 penalties” which harm relationship with husband, children and parents.

You might wonder, how about some lady do not have spouse star in her chart. In many cases, not having spouse star is better that have a weak, battling with neighbors spouse star.

Now the question is “Was she really jinxed her husband and caused her husband death?”

Refer to Jinxes husband 剋夫命 - Part 2 - the husband for more.
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