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Is 12th December 2012 ( 12.12.12 ) a good day for getting married? Why?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Recently I’ve lots of people asking me whether December 12th 2012 is a good day for marriage.

In any case, other than the nice and easy-to-remember repeating numbers of 12/12/12, the answer is “no”. Not according to traditional Chinese Date Selection, anyway it’s not.

Let us take look at 12/12/12

壬子 month, 丁未 day, from the Chinese Almanac, it is defined as a 危日 or “Danger Day”, Typically used for religious worship and removal of unwanted things. This day is filled with uncertainty and potentially dangerous components. No high risk activity should be done on this day; this is also not a suitable date for marriage. Proposing on this day is not good either.

Any it's a Wednesday. You'll have very low attendance unless you have an evening wedding, and even then, many people will skip most of the reception because they have to work in the morning and their kids will need to go to school. Also, it's harder to find a babysitter on Wednesday nights. It's close to Christmas and New Years. People won't want to take vacation for your wedding because they'll probably be using vacation in a few weeks. Also, executives and accountants will be busying finishing their end of year paperwork and won't be able to take off.

What about 20/12/2012?

Winter Solstice falls on 21/12/2012. It is one day before Winter Solstice, this day also known as 四离日, “Four separation day”, (the other three day for the four separation days are, one day before Spring Equinox, one day before Summer Solstice, and one day before Autumn Equinox).

On this day the Qi (energy)is depleted and it is the transition day between different Qi and cycles of different season. It is not a good day to embark on anything important, therefore it is not considered a good day for marriage as well.

Now that you know that both days are not good wedding days, you may want to consider other days, and it also save you the trouble of jostling with other couples (who do not understand or believe the significance of an auspicious wedding date) for wedding venues.

Seriously, if you would like to get married on the best and most auspicious day available to you the day must be based specifically on the birth dates of both you and yours spouse.

If you are getting married soon, I would like to wish you a long lasting and happy relationship together with your spouse. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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