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In just two years - He experienced extramarital love, said goodbye and suffered financial losses. Who did he choose to say goodbye? His wife or his lover?

Tuesday, 9 June 2009
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For spouses who have extramarital love, love might be sweet, to them a second chance to explore something that he or she has never dream of before but this kind of affairs are dangerous and can end up in tragic. Making a bad decision will break up their whole family and the relatonship will never be the same again. Separation and divorce can be the most painful events a family may ever experience especially for their chidlren.

There are many cases, this kind of affairs happen in a very short period of time. In a year or two, he or she can has their new lover, break-up (with the new lover or with their wife/husband), money loss due to separation or divorce, and in some occasion with extramarital baby shock.

Now can we see that this is coming? Yes we can. If we can see the affair can we avoid them? This will depend on your will and how firm of you to say NO to temptation. The characteristic will depend on your personality and the environment at that time. For example, if you around fourties, with family and kid in HongKong and your company asked you to go North into Mainland China to take care of the company branch for a period of three years. You will sure be lonely during this period of time.

Okay, now how to see that it is coming. The same basic requirements is still the same.

The appearance of

"Peach blossom "Tao Hua" 桃花 or Spouse Stars 配偶星 "pei ou xing"

Peach blossom "Tao Hua" 桃花 and spouse stars 配偶星 "pei ou xing" are two different thing.

Affairs caused by Spouse Stars are very difficult to avoid. For Peach blossom "Tao Hua" you may still make use of fengshui and try to avoid the affair.

Now let me show you an example. He was born 9 February 1959

 Bazi - extramarital love and affair four pillars of destiny
Chart 1. He has four spouse stars.

About his Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny.

1. He has four spouse stars. For marriage one spouse star is enough.

2. His chart shows that he tends to have thrid party relationship.

 Bazi - extramarital love and affair four pillars of destiny
Chart 2. In 2002 or 2003 he will have a new lover.

1. In 2002 and 2003, his new girlfriend was near.

2. In 2002, he met with his new love.

3. In 2002, he asked "Is there any possibilities that I can keep them both"? "Ha Ha!, don't dream and forget about having a wife and a lover in harmony. You sure will lose one of them".

4. In 2003, he said "Already break up. Can you guess who I have choosen? I answered him "It was your wife that you has choosen and you have paid quite a lot of money to setlle your case with your lover".

5.And "she was also having your baby!!!".

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