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If from dating to marriage, starting a new family and having children is a journey, then who has the map? BaZi is the answer.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008
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The answer is We all have the maps. Each one of us has our own map. We have the map from the first day we reached this beautiful world. Not like any other journey, the map cannot be changed and will follow us wherever we go and whenever we are. The map is called BaZi or Patt Chee our Four Pillars of Destiny in English term.

In the first stage of dating, we find ourselves attracted to a potential partner. This is our initial attraction. It is our hope that the feeling is mutual, that the timing is right, and that we will have an opportunity to explore the possibilities. Then we feel uncertain if that partner is right for us. When we have made a mutual decision to be in a committed, to join in an exclusive relationship, we begin to experience real intimacy We feel relaxed enough to put down our guard and share ourselves more deeply than before. Then come what we called engagement. This is a time to celebrate your love and commitment. You have made the determination that you are with the right person, and you are ready to move forward into a path toward a lifetime relationship. Now you can enjoy your relationship joyfully, happily, peacefully, and lovingly. You will plan your marrigae, your wedding, discuss your future more fully, and learn even greater acceptance of one another, and your differences.

Marriage is a topic about which people have strong thoughts and feelings. Every couple has their own "map." Marriage affects us all. Marriage is in the news a great deal. There are always articles on 50-year anniversary celebrations, upcoming wedding, divorces of celebrities, and scandalous marriages.

Today's magazines are full of tests, questionnaires, tips, and advice about how to make a marriage work. Yet where is the good news about long term commitments, happy couples and stories of the excitement of traveling this marvelous journey of trust and discovery called marriage?

Do all marriage work out fine? Of course not but there are many couple where their dating is smooth, enjoy their marriage life, having thei]r children and enjoying the family that have set up.

You can say that we provide a place for all who are interested in marriage to come and compare their "maps." To see if their map will bring them to their destination, what are the troubles that going to happen during their journey, will there be new members joining in the journey and so on.

It is our hope that this web site will help you on your marriage journey and that you will realize you aren't alone on the journey. When problems such as third party involvement, domestic violence, infidelity, and financial difficulties you are not alone.

This is not just another ordininary map. Whether you like it or not, we cannot choose the map, the map has choosen us, we cannot throw it away, the map is fixed, it spelled out what are coming and our ultimate intention is we want to use the map to our advantage.

As we journey together as a couple in our marriage, many of us will make a wrong turn, or even got lost, fell uncertain, or find ourselves on an unplanned detour not on our map. Sharing your map is one way to get back on the right route.

Figure 1. Bazi "Map" of a lady from dating to marriage and to a happy family

She was born on the 18th. December 1956.

1. Start dating at the age of 19 in the year 1974. The spouse star appeared at both the stem and branch. Her future husband appeared for the first time in her life.

2. They were married in the year 1978. She was then at the age of 23 when stars combined into the spouse palace "夫妻宮".

3. She concieved with her first baby girl in the year 1979. Children stars being enhanced in this particular year.

4. She gave birth to her little girl in the year 1980. Children star appeared at the year pillar.

As you can see for yourself, all the path being mapped out nicely, all being spelled out clearly in the BaZi chart. No one can run away. But you can fine tune the process using fengshui.

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