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How to apply Flying Star Feng Shui-Xuan Kong (Part 5)

Thursday, 4 October 2007
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How to read a proper Feng Shui Lou Pan.

You now need to know how to use a lou pan to take the necessary basic readings needed for the Flying Star Feng Shui. Regardless you are lucky to have a good luo pan, made one yourself, or have a hiking compass, you have to get familiar with it. The following instructions apply to a proper lou pan. If you are using a trekking compass, skim down until you find the those instructions instead.

How to read a tradition luo pan.

How to find out, for example, which direction the front door or your house faces? First stand inside just about 1-2 feet facing directly your front door, hold the lou pan level with both hand. If necessary, place one edge of the square outer plate of the compass firmly againt the wooden door. Using your thumbs, turn the disk slowly till the needles lines up with the line on the bottom of the well. Look closely at the figure below. Make sure that the end of the needle with the bulge lines up between the two dots on the bottom of the well (see figure).

If you find this all a bit wobbly, then place the compass on a wooden support at waist level. Do not use a tripod that is made of magnetic metal, as this will severly distort the accuracy of your reading.

Make sure you are holding the whole compass level; more sophisticated lou pan from Taiwan often incorporate spirit levels so that you can be sure that they are perfectly level.

Now look at the crosshairs. Look along the crosshair to the part closer to the door. When it crosses the ring of the 24 Mountains, this is your facing direction. You sitting direction is always the part closer to you and always exactly opposite the facing direction.

How to read a trekking compass

Stand with your back to the door. Hold the compass level and steady.

  • If it is a simple compass, turn it till the needle head points to north. Read the number of degrees at the point furthest away from the door. This is the facing bearing.

  • If it is a sophisticated military compass with a sight, look out from the door at the point directly in front of the door. Read off the number of degrees. This is the facing bearing.

  • The the facing bearing and look it up in the following table. Read off the facing direction. For example a facing of 94 degrees would yield a facing direction of Mao.

  • S1 157.6°-172.5° RenBing 壬丙 Kan house 坎宅
  • S2 172.6°-187.5° ZiWu 子午 Kan house 坎宅
  • S3 187.6°-202.5° GuiDing 癸丁 Kan house 坎宅
  • SW1 202.6°-217.5° ChouWei 丑未 Gen house 艮宅
  • SW2 217.6°-232.5° GenKun 艮坤 Gen house 艮宅
  • SW3 232.6°-247.5° YinShen 寅申 Gen house 艮宅
  • W1 247.6°-262.5° JiaGen 甲庚 Zhen house 震宅
  • W2 262.6°-277.5° MaoYou 卯酉 Zhen house 震宅
  • W3 277.6°-292.5° YiXin 乙辛 Zhen house 震宅
  • NW1 292.6°-307.5° ChenXu 辰戌 Xun house 巽宅
  • NW2 307.6°-322.5° XunQian 巽乾 Xun house 巽宅
  • NW3 322.6°-337.5° SiHai 巳亥 Xun house 巽宅
  • N1 337.6°-352.5° BingRen 丙壬 Li house 离宅
  • N2 352.6°-7.5° WuZi 午子 Li house 离宅
  • N3 7.6°-22.5° DingGui 丁癸 Li house 离宅
  • NE1 22.6°-37.5° WeiChou 未丑 Kun house 坤宅
  • NE2 37.6°-52.5° KunGen 坤艮 Kun house 坤宅
  • NE3 52.6°-67.5° ShenYin 申寅 Kun house 坤宅
  • E1 67.6°-82.5° GenJia 庚甲 Tui house 兑宅
  • E2 82.6°-97.5° YouMao 酉卯 Tui house 兑宅
  • E3 97.6°-112.5° XinYi 辛乙 Tui house 兑宅
  • SE1 112.6°-127.5° XuChen 戌辰 Qian house 乾宅
  • SE2 127.6°-142.5° QianXun 乾巽 Qian house 乾宅
  • SE3 142.6°-157.5° HaiSi 亥巳 Qian house 乾宅

    The sitting direction is found by adding 180 degrees to the facing. If more than 360, instead substract 180 from your facing bearing. This will give you the sitting direction. In this above example 94 + 180 = 274 degress. Upon looking it up you can see that the Sitting if You.

    Special Lou Pan reading consideration

    Magnetic interference. This is often indicated by the needle swinging backward and forward a lot before settling down. It is usually caused by the presence of metal or electrical items.

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