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How to Use Mirrors as Feng Shui Remedies.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


How to Use Mirrors as Feng Shui Remedies

Mirrors are versatile, all-purpose Cure - known as the Feng Shui "Aspirin" because they are useful for so many different purposes, but when and how to use them always bring uncertainty and confusion. Here, I would like to clarify what mirrors can do for you and how to use them as feng shui remedies.

In feng shui applications, mirrors serve three basic purposes:

1. Expansion
2. Reflection
3. Deflection or repel


Whenever we look into a mirror, we see through and beyond the physical plane of the mirror's surface into the virtual space of the reflection. This eases tension in the eye and helps promote relaxation and stress release. The mirror opens up a virtual window in an otherwise flat surface. In feng shui terms this symbolically opens up new vistas, not just for our eyes, but also for our mental "vision" of ourselves and our lives.

Small spaces, from a feng shui perspective, means limiting our freedom of movement in one or more directions, hinder our ability to expand into a fuller and more successful arean. For this reason mirrors are often recommended as a remedy to visually - and metaphysically - expand a small space.

Therefore, mirrors are helpful for correcting "missing areas" in the layout of a home.

Here a mirror is used to virtually expand or "recapture" the space outward to fill in the missing corner.


When placing any mirror at your home, pay extra attention to what is being reflected in it. In feng shui, the mirror is doubling that energy by creating a virtual duplicate within the virtual space of the reflection. For example, if your mirror is reflecting a pile of clutter and unpaid bills, the reflection is a symbolic doubling of your untidiness and debt. On the other hand, if the mirror is reflecting a family happy vacation when everyone was having a wonderful time, the mirror is symbolically doubling your family's happiness and enjoyment.

Note : No matters what, do not place mirror reflecting any "Bad" sectors of your home espsecially the "Five Ghosts" sector.

This is the principle behind the feng shui suggestion to hang a mirror above the kitchen stove, so that it reflects and therefore doubling the number of stove burners. Because the stove is symbolic of prosperity, doubling the burners with a mirror symbolically doubles your wealth.

Note : No matters what, do not place mirror reflecting the stove into your toilet.

Best to reflect is your wealth sector "Tian Yi #session.8manChinese[1][2]#" sector and make sure not reflecting the "Five Ghosts #session.8manChinese[1][8]#" sector.


Mirrors can also be used to deflect negative influence away from your home. When used for this purpose, the mirror's reflection is "bouncing back" the harmful chi towards its source. Often a ba gua mirror; a small round mirror in an octagonal frame, usually red and/or yellow in color and decorated with black trigrams is placed on the exterior of the home to deflect sha chi (harmful energy) aimed at the property, the structure, or the front door.

When you are reflecting or attracting a positive image into your space, the mirror is inside your home. When you are deflecting/repelling Sha Qi the mirror is hung on the exterior of the home.

While any mirror can be used to deflect negative Qi, a ba gua mirror can only be used for this specific purpose. You should never use a ba gua mirror inside the home; it is only to be used on the exterior.

When dealing with any feng shui cure, the intention and confidence with which you use a mirror will determine its effect. Whether you are placing your mirror to expand a small space, double the positive energy, or deflect Sha Qi, your clear intention and confidence to experience the desired benefit will help to ensure the effectiveness of your feng shui remedy.

I always being asked about this question.

"Is it bad luck to have a mirror facing the bed. My bedroom closet has mirrored doors, so I am unable to avoid the mirrors facing the bed. How serious is this, and what can I do about it?"

I do not agree that a mirror facing the bed is bad luck. The idea that this is "bad feng shui" stems from a Chinese superstition that your spirit leaves your body while you sleep and might either get lost in the mirror and not find its way back, or be frightened by its reflection and disturb your sleep. You might want to judge this by yourself.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is as good a rule for feng shui as with anything else. In other words, if you are sleeping well you can assume the mirrors are not a problem. However, if the mirrors are reflecting too much light from a street lamps into the room, for example, then certainly you can try covering them at night with a sheet or sheer curtain. Don't overlook the obvious; often the best feng shui remedy is common sense!

If you are not sleeping well and if you can't identify an obvious cause, such as work or family worries, inadequate exercise, or too much caffeine too late in the day then it is possible that large mirrored surfaces may be too stimulating for the space. You might try covering the mirrors at night with an extra sheet or a sheet curtain and see if that makes a difference.

Some others points for you to consider.

  • Choose clear, non-distorted mirrors (no ripples) and no mirror tiles. Tiled mirrors break up energy and add confusion to the reflected image
  • Clean your mirrors frequently to ensure a clear image
  • Make sure that your mirrors reflect beautiful surroundings. Position mirrors to pick up pleasing views of the outdoors whenever possible
  • Place a Foyer Mirror to the side of the Front Door - never directly across from the Front Door. A mirror placed across from the Front Door represents strong repelling energy and can push anything entering right back out the door!
  • Hang high enough to see your entire head; no chopped heads or the viewer may be challenged with a negative self-image
  • Place behind the Kitchen stove. A mirror hung behind the stove top burners magnifies Wealth
  • While working in the Kitchen, the cook should be in the Command Position, that is, able to see all entrances. If the cook's back is to a Kitchen door, hang a mirror over the cook's workspace so that anyone coming through the door can be seen right away
  • Avoid hanging mirrors directly across from each other
  • Hang above your desk or computer if your back is facing a door

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