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House Destiny 宅命

Friday, 28 October 2016
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Each house and office has its own destiny 宅命 (ZhaiMing) like your Four Pillars of destiny or 八字 bazi. From your BaZi, you can understand your potential, strength, weakness, skill, talent, traits, personality, and your luck pillars. Four pillars profiling or Bazi reading is to help you to detect potential problem areas, trouble-shoot and acknowledge areas that require your special attention 趨吉避凶.

From looking into the FengShui we can determine the “House Destiny” and whether the house is blessed with positive or negative energies. It helps us to understand the energy of the 9 sectors i.e. N, S, E, W, Center, NE, NW, SE and SW. The energy of a given sector is very diverse it can be good and positive like “career”, “money wealth”, “education study” or bad and negative like “disharmony”, “obstacles”, “conflicts”, “quarrelsome”, “cancerous”, “surgery”, “accidents”, and the list go on. Basically without considering the impact of Annual flying star there are basically 48 combinations.

By chances that you own a good destiny house without any preparation is less than 13% . Therefore, finding a good destiny home is not going to be easy. When you stay in a good Destiny house where the internal and external layouts in balance and matches you will find life easier with your wealth, career, health, love and family. On the contrary when you stay in a house with Bad Destiny, you will find that your life very challenging! Living in chore, tensed and stressed up because of the poor health, frequent quarrels, bad luck, conflicts, betrayed and financial loss. The other extremely unacceptable home destiny is “Bad Wealth & Health 损财伤丁”. If you were to grade it like in schools is like a “negative” score. It does not help you and your loved ones but drag you down into a black hole!

House destiny is far more important and precede the importance of bazi compatibility or East/West family 卦命 classification. This is unlike common understanding of choosing your home based on birth profile requirements or Gua Number/ personal Eight Mansion principles. In many occasion, you have heard of advice such as if you needs water so you must stay near to the sea or pint it blue. This is really appalling, because when you need fire then you probably have to stay next to a fire station or in front of your house must have electrical poles, the more the better or paint it red.

A common misnomer is to choose your home base on East/West family 卦命 and Gua Number. Home Feng shui DESTINY is much more important.

To choose a house based on your Gua Number is impractical and redundant . And to choose a house that is suitable to one’s birth profile is easier say than done. A family of five is quite near impossible to have all the same lucky elements.

You must select a house based on its own destiny and merits. This is both practical and time dynamic. Currently all new houses is based on the calculation of Period 8 which is 2004 to 2023. A “Bad Destiny” home is NOT FIT for you to stay even it is compatible with your Gua number or bazi 八字 profile. In a perfect world, you prefer to stay in a home destiny that is blessed with great abundance and at the same time suit your Bazi favorable five elements and useful Ten Gods (十神). But this world is not perfect. “Destiny” of your Home feng shui is far more important than your bazi compatibility which unfortunately is not given enough attention. I have seen many houses/offices that were previously audited by other masters and they put lots of feng shui items to cure this and that but missed the most Critical issue – Destiny 宅 命 of your Home… it is good or bad? Feng shui is not so short-sighted as to concern yourself with what shape of dining table, what color is your sofa? Almost everyday, I get the same questions, "my house is facing my bad direction, is it bad for me?" or "my kitchen door is in my bad Gua... bad?" etc.

You must make yourself aware that your home Destiny is PASSIVE and Annual Flying Star is TIME-SENSITIVE. Destiny of your home is passive or static, certain events will only occur when there are external environment changes for example construction, under the influences of the dynamics of Annual feng shui flying star.

Do you want to live in a “sick” house or work in a “sick” office?

Let me reiterate again to buy a house with Good Destiny is much more important and it precedes the importance of occupants’ personal Gua and bazi propriety. Just own an “Excellent feng shui destiny home”, occupants living inside will enjoy good health, harmony, wealth, luck, career, marriage and so forth. If your criteria to choose a house solely based on favourable elements, then you run the risk that the house only suits you but bad for your loved ones. For the record a house that suits one’s elements but Bad Destiny is also not a good choice. Of course for you in a perfect world you will choose a house that possess great destiny and suits all your family’s bazi elements but this is not a perfect world.

What I am saying is

choosing a great feng shui destiny home is Vital and personal Gua or Bazi compatibility becomes secondary.

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