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Glorious Seven Killings 7K 七杀

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Monday, 18 April 2022


Thanks to our friend, Mr. Harry for his valuable contributions, real life, unique true stories which can be explained in term of BaZi Four pillars of Destiny.

Mr. Harry wrote, (for more goto Glorious_7K )

Male, 14 Oct 1974, 04.53 am

Born in a good family but not rich. The one and only child in the family. He worked very hard since in the high school. But his parents are supportive. The family is a very good family with good manner. So he continued his education in overseas with scholarship for his master degree (1998). And (again) got scholarship for his Ph.D in 1999. He confessed that he is gay in 2000. His family is supporting his way of life.

Graduated in 2002. And he started his own business in overseas with his boyfriend. The business is super successful. He came back to his country in 2006. And he was even successful. He can build his business network in his country. And bring the parents into good level of life.

And 2014, he moved to Europe. He lived there until today with his boyfriend. His parents moved together with him too. Short story, all life are good. All business, money are great. Health is also good. His life is smooth. Leadership is super. Considered top. Many of his employees are respect to him.

When he stepped into this 2022 壬寅 year, in Feb 2022, his life became problematic. His boyfriend passed away because of COVID19. And suddenly he lost both of his parents too because of COVID 19. Only 1 week after his boyfriend passed away.

His life is suddenly lonely. He thinks about suicide many times. But at the end with the advice from his friends, he can control his mind. His personality changed from a very gentle person to very sarcastic, rough and lead by fear. His loyal employees resigned in April 2022. And his business started to decline in this month.

七煞,7 killings is everywhere in his bazi and rooted. But so far until 2021, he can handle his 7K. And he is a great leader.

Surprisingly :

*Without Wealth TaYun, he is getting richer every year. (How come?)
*** All favorable can generate wealth.

*Without HO/EG, he was very smart in his education. (How come?)
*** HO/EG not his intelligence, thinking and people skills.

*With full of 7K (rooted everywhere), he is very healthy also wise, calm and compassionate leader.
*** His BaZi has a very unique feature.

BUT. When Water revealed in 2022. He lost his parents and boyfriend. Suddenly his 7K became manifested in a different way, he became a very bad leader. His behavior suddenly like gangster. He seems totally changed personality into a very completely different person.

Let’s look into his BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny.

 Glorious 7 Killings 八字 BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

By just looking at his BaZi, this is not a good BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny.

However, his BaZi has a very unique feature which allows this to happen in a good way at least until 2021. 七煞 7K is his favorable and his Useful Ten Gods 喜用神 is his Resource fire. 1983, his first YiHai 乙亥 TaYun which strong wood suppressing favorable earth, he could have been very sick but this is not the case. 1993 丙子 and 2003 丁丑 TaYun both with fire, are two good TaYun for him there is no doubt about this. How about 2013 戊寅 TaYun when fire is no longer reveal? Earth is his wealth, being heavily suppressed by wood. But all businesses, money is great and his health is also good until 2022. It’s still good due to this uniqueness of his BaZi but this uniqueness has its limit.

What is this uniqueness and what happen in 2022? Students, please log in to read the answer. To be our student, check it out HERE. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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