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Free Naming tips using Feng Shui with 5 the elements, Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny

Saturday, 16 February 2008
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A name is the first give that the parents give to thier new babies. Therefore, picking the right name is one of the most important tasks you have to make for welcoming your babies.

To make naming rights, you can use the five elements to select a english name. Simply clasifies the alphabets into Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Then you have to determine your predisposition according to your birthday; HOT COLD or NEUTRAL.

Those born on or after beginning of summer (5th/6th May) and before the beginning of autumn (7th/8th August)will have Hot predisposition and they need a name with Metal or Water pronounciation.

Those who born on and after the beginning of autumn and before Jing Zhe (5th/6th of March of the following year) belong to cold predisposition and they had better get names with Wood or Fire pronounciation.

For those born on or after Jing Zhe and before the beginning of summer are considered to be neutral and they can get whatever names they want. Metal or Water is better though.

As earth is neutral among the 5 elements, anybody can use an earth name.

Hot and Neutral predisposition use names with Metal or Water pronounciation.
  • Water labial consonants, such as names beginning with F,M,V,P,B or W
  • Metal dental consonants, such as names beginning with C,H,G or X
  • for example Martin, Patrick, Gigi, Benny or Cindy

  • Cold predisposition use names with Wood or Fire pronounciation.
  • Wood palatal consonants, such as names beginning with J,S,Z or E
  • Fir velar consonants, such as names beginning with T,D,I or R
  • for example Emily, Jimmy, Jack , Joyce, Timmy, Tommy or Lucy

  • Everyone can use earth names.

  • Earth glottal consonants, such as names beginning with A,I,K,N,O Q or Y
  • for example Alan, April, Quennie, Iris or Austin

  • Sometimes the alphabets coming together will become a diffrent sound that is become another element. For example "Na" turns into velar consonant of Fire nature.

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