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Wednesday, 31 January 2007


This is another bazi Four Pillars of Destiny reading from one of my client. He is Mr. Nice Guy (not his real name). He is from South Korea.

With weak day master, 官印比 "Officer","Resource","Friends" (regardless of direct or indeirect) is his good deities or stars.
With weak day master, 官印相生,要面子,讲排場 "Direct Officer" produce "Resource" making himself looks of being morally superior to others.

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1. 尊贵 Honourable and respectable.

Stems with 印 "direct resource", reputation is important to him. He intend to attract notice and impress others by extravagance.
Stem with 官 "Direct Officer" indicates honourable and respectability.

2.自律 self-disciplined .

With 官 "Direct Officer", he has his ethics and integrity, abide by the law, able to control his desire at least not showing them.

3.攀附 associated with those who are rich and powerful .

With 官 "Direct Officer", he likes to be associated with those who are rich and famous, and those with authorities.

4.权谋 Tactics.

With 官 "Direct Officer" as his good stars, he is good at political trickery, strategy, maneuver , astuteness and resourcefulness.

5.疑心Suspicious .

At branch, "Hurting Officer" 伤 supress the combination of "Direct Officer". The nature of "Hurting Officer" 伤 is supicious, the nature of "Direct Officer" ? is upright, with this supress he sure very suspicous.

6.吝啬 Stingy.

For weak daymaster身弱, "Friends" and "Rob Wealth" 刼比 are his wealth stars. His "Friends" at the month branch has being combined and taken away which means he is very concern about his wealth. Day master sit on "Wealth" which means his is very stingy. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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