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Flying stars, 8 Mansions, Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny. Which one should I use?

Tuesday, 1 July 2008
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There are so many theories of feng shui. For beginners it will be hard trying to understand the different methods of looking at feng shui. Getting more confused when trying to get the answers from reading books.

For those new to Feng Shui,each method under Traditional Feng Shui practise has its own use and when you put them all together, one will get a clear picture.

These are the steps when a Professional Feng Shui Master does (this varies depending on their experience) but the most `powerful' steps used to analyse for a person and his home are as follows:-

1. A Feng Shui Master will first establish the homeowner's `true self element and it's strength' using the Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny.

For example, if the homeowner's element is `strong metal' and the house is also a metal house (after determining the compass point) a Feng Shui Master will advise you on what to do. Subsequently, other members of the family's Pillars of Destiny are also analysed.

2. Next, you should also know which house is most suitable for you using the Eight Mansions Theory.

Later on, you can then use the Eight mansions template to superimpose on your home's layout. Each member of the family does the same.

3. Next, it is advisable to do a Feng Shui using the Flying Star theory to analyse the `fortune' of the house.

Lastly, depending on how good the Feng Shui Master is, he will be able to do a Feng Shui audit accurately by looking at :

1. Pillars of destiny (for the homeowner and his family members) to determine there `true elements and it's strength.
2. Anaylse the house using the flying star theory and also look at the suitability of the house (Eight Mansions theory).

Therefore, if you follow the above steps, EACH Feng Shui theory has it's specific use not just simply that one is a compass school and the other on Destiny etc.

I hope by now, to those who a new to feng shui will understand better why, so many Feng Shui principles are applied and they do not contradict each other nor `compete' with each other but in-fact all the theories found here on allows one to understand and take it that each Feng Shui tool are `building blocks' when combined together are truly powerful tools . if used correctly will enhance.

The more you can combine all these theories together, you will get a better and clearer picture of yourself in-relation to your family members and your home.

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