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Fish Tank used as a Feng Shui Cure and Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny enhancer

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Is is common practise of Hong Kong Feng Shui Masters and pactioners to use fish tank as Feng Shui `cures'.

Fish tank can act as a cure. For example if a lone lamp post can be seen from the living room entrance, a Feng Shui practioner would then suggest that a fish tank be placed `overlooking' the lamp post. Notice that the lone lamp post being thin represents the `Fire' element and the water in the fish tank represents the Water element. Under the 5 elements principle Water DESTROYS Fire. Thus neutralising the `threat'. In addition to this, black gold fishes are placed in the aquarium.

In addition, take note that

1. One view is that it is made up of the Water element and Metal element ie. the water in the fish tank is water element (straight forward) and the other is Metal element e.g. fishes like goldfish or kois (carps) and arowanas (Dragon fish) because it is " gold " and gold is the metal element.

2. Another view is that the water again is water element. But the fishes are of the fire element i.e. gold fishes (red gold fishes) represent the fire element.

3. Black gold fish represents the water element as colours such as black . to grey represents the water element.

As black gold fish is water element, it is said to strengthen the Water element. This will be more effective to counter any `Fire threats'. Similiarly, adding fishes with the `metal' element also helps to strengthen the Water element. As Metal supports the Water element under the Productive cylce of the 5 elements.

it is not advisable to raise predatory fishes in a fish tank. It is akin to putting up a painting of a hungry animal e.g. tiger . this is bad feng shui for the home. Arowanas are also known as Dragon fish and is also a member of the carp family i.e. kois and are auspicious fish to rear.

Take note that

1. The fish tank MUST not be at the centre of the house. As Water in the middle of the house means that one will be `burned' with problems as water in the ancient book of I-ching (or Book of Changes) means " difficulty. "

2. Between a fish tank or a fountain or water fall, a fountain is preferred than say a fish tank. This is because a fish tank is usually used more as a `cure' for sha or `poison arrow'. While a fountain is considered to provide favourable "beneifical Qi." Another point considered unfavourable by many Feng Shui Masters is that:-

(a). What happens when the fish dies?
(b). The need to do maintenance of the fish tank. For example, these Masters say when you pour " water " away from the fish tank, you are actually pouring away wealth.

Fish tank as Bazi Four Pillars of Destiny cure

Here it has to do with the five elements `cure'. It's take a different example. For instance if a peron's Pillars of Destiny element is `weak water'. The direct cure is to add water element to it. The indirect `cure' is to add metal to his water element. If you cannot follow, I suggest, first look at the Productive and Destructive cycle of the Five Elements.

Take a look at chart below (refer to figure 1). Its daymaster is of weak wood and not a single drop of water By having an aquarium with black fish will bring good beneficial to him.

Figure 1. Weak wood no support from water (not a single drop of water) - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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