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Fengshui concept of the space.

Friday, 16 November 2007
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According to ancient Chinese myths, 6,000 years ago, King Wen was sitting by the banks of River Luo when a giant tortoise emerged from the river. Inscribed on its huge back were circular dots of black and white markings which made up a perfect 3 X 3 nine-grid pattern also known as Magic Square, the famous Luo Shu diagram.

The Luo Shu diagram has numbers placed in the nine chambers of the Luo Shu grid, which add up to the sum of 15 either horizzontally, vertically or diagonally. The numbers in each square embraces a variety of meanings; they can represent the direction of a compass, signify an element or be attached to a trigram. The Luo Shu diagram show below is used extensively in the Compass scholl of Feng Shui.

The chinese system of time dimension also take account these nine numbers. Time is divided into nine ages or periods, each having 20 years. These 20-year ages make up one period, A complete cycle takes 180 years. Each period is assigned a number from 1 to 9. For more information of period please go to Click here for more

The Luo Shu square became the basic theory of the Fyling Star school of Feng Shui

The origin of Eight Mansion theory make uses of the Ba Gua or the Eight Trigram to diagnose a house.

The nine numbers will now be labelled as the nine stars. They represent nine nine different combinations of energies. These energies are auspicious or inauspicious depending on the time. Each star has its own properties. There are three Earth 2,5 and 8; two Wood: stars 3 and 4; two Metal stars: 6 and 7; One Water star 1; and one Fire star:9

Flying sequence

In the same way, the Lo Shu diagram , represented by the nine square chart, changes with time. The numbers inside each square are dynamic and moved in a fixed pattern. If the center number is replaced , the other numbers automatically change position around it, according to the following pattern of movement.5(center), 6(NorthWest),7(West),8(NorthEast),9(South),1(North),2(SouthWesr),3(East),4(SouthEast).

This position of the numbers in the diagram thus changes from Age to Age from year to year, from month to month, even day to day. This chart is called the flying star chart .It is by such methods that we can assess the fortune of a building and predict happenings within it. This technique of the flying star was a well kept secret in the past.

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