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Feng Shui Kitchens

Friday, 19 November 2010
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In FengShui, the kitchen play a very important rule. To Chinese and all people, kitchen represents wealth, prosperity, nourishment and health; after all, it’s human nature to associate food and nutrition with nurturing and sustenance. In term of fengshui how you design and decorate the kitchen can influence your prosperity, wealth and health.

FengShui is a complex practice with so many different schools, and variety of recommendations. Based on the home and of course the people living in it, different master of fengshui may have diverse views on this same fengshui and kitchen topics however, there are basic Feng Shui principles that apply to all kitchens.

Kitchen Placement

The first thing to consider when looking at the kitchen is its location within the whole house. Ideally the kitchen will be in the back of the house, at least behind centerline of house. However, many houses especially many units of condominium (like the one in HongKong) are small in size and have not much choice where their kitchen is position at the front left or right side just after the main door.

In any case, as long as you do not see your kitchen immediately upon entering the house it is consider alright in term of fengshui. When I said “you do not see your kitchen” I mean the kitchen door is not directly facing the front door. Is not like when you walk in into your house through the front door, turn your head any possible ways and you see your kitchen than you panic. It must be a straight line between your front door and kitchen door as “Qi” travel in a straight line.

When your kitchen door is directly in line with your front door the chances of you and your family members having digestive, nutritional, eating problems plus blood and heart problems are much higher.

You might also want to ask if your kitchen is in the front of the house, what you can do. Don’t panic; there are remedies that can take care of this. Try hanging sheer or beaded curtains over the kitchen door. Or, instal louvered doors.

You might have heard from others source of feng shui, it is best not to have your kitchen close to the front door , where the feng shui energy can easily escape. But almost half of all condominium in Hong Kong are having kitchen at the front potion of their house. Many of them are making a good living.

People always panic want they heard “you are having water – fire clash”. In all our mind once we heard water and fire, we immediately confirmed it is very bad. The actual disaster is only when your kitchen’s door is facing your toilet’s door. This will definitely cause health complication related to stomach, digestive, colon, heart and blood. Ladies and child are the first affected.

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